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A retro outrun / cyberpunk inspired VS Code theme
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An clean 80's synthwave / outrun inspired theme for Visual Studio Code.


** LaserWave Italic -- now avaliable **

Currently supports:

  • Python
  • Javascript
    • React
  • Typescript
    • Angular
  • Ruby
  • Markdown
  • Java
  • C#

If you find any missing highlighting or want a new language supported open an issue with an example file from the language and I will get right on it 😀

Color Scheme

Color Hex font-style scope
Maximum Blue #40b4c4 normal Keywords, Properties
Hot Pink #EB64B9 normal Functions, Attributes, Highlighting
Powder Blue #b4dce7 normal Strings
African Violet #b381c5 normal Numbers, Types
Pearl Aqua #74dfc4 normal Operators, Tags
Old Lavender #91889b normal Comments
Roman Silver #716385 normal Punctuation
Mustard #ffe261 normal Builtins, Constants
White #ffffff normal Variables
Raisin Black #27212e --- Background

LaserWave Italic

Italics include:

  • Keywords
  • Attributes

Contributing to LaserWave

I'm actively supporting this theme so if you open an issue I will respond 😁! If you would like to contribute to the project that is awesome, just please check out the contribution guidelines in the wiki before submitting a PR.


  • Bryan Phelps


A special shoutout to the contributors who have helped make LaserWave even better!

  • @TGiles
  • @cameronstinson4
  • @lcatania
  • @wbeeftink
  • @hatched
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