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Heads Up!

This project is no longer under active development and/or maintenance. The following alternatives are avilable:

uMobile PhoneGap

What is uMobile?

uMobile is a new open source initiative to bring campus applications, content, and data to mobile devices. The project provides a native app for iPhone and Android devices, as well as browser-based content for other smartphones.

For additional information, please review this page.

What is uMobile PhoneGap?

uMobile PhoneGap is the uMobile client written based on the PhoneGap framework. The client here currently support Android and iPhone platforms as well as a native HTML5 development environment.

Getting Started

Please review the official documentation avaiable here which includes additional details on preparing a development environment. If you're looking for code documentation and instructions, please see this link instead.

Get Involved

For discussion on implementing and configuring uMobile or design and development of the framework, please sign up on the community mailing lists. Details are posted here.