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Clean Architecture Solution Template for Angular 8 and .NET Core 3
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Clean Architecture Solution Template

Clean.Architecture.Solution.Template NuGet Package Twitter Follow

This is a solution template for creating a Single Page App (SPA) with Angular 8 and ASP.NET Core 3 following the principles of Clean Architecture. Create a new project based on this template by clicking the above Use this template button or by installing and running the associated NuGet package (see Getting Started for full details).

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is to install the NuGet package and run dotnet new ca-sln:

  1. Install the latest .NET Core SDK
  2. Run dotnet new --install Clean.Architecture.Solution.Template to install the project template
  3. Run dotnet new ca-sln to create a new project
  4. Navigate to src/WebUI and run dotnet run to launch the project


If you are having problems, please let us know by raising a new issue.


This project is licensed with the MIT license.

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