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Docker + R + Python solution to scrape and email new listings on Pararius & Funda
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Scrape pararius listings

This is an R app that allows the user to scrape a page of listings from Pararius. The app is containerized using Docker.

Installation instructions

To install & run the app, you need only install docker. Then, go to the folder containing the Dockerfile and execute:

docker build . -t jhginn/pararius


Open up an empty file and call it env.list (this file is listed in .gitignore). Save it in the same folder as the Dockerfile. This file must contain the following entries:


For example, if you use Gmail, it should look like this:

If you do end up using Gmail, keep the following in mind:

  • It is a mistake!! to use your own, private email address. The reason is that you must connect via SMTP (email/password) and you therefore have to turn of two-factor authentication. A better approach is to make a new email address and use that address with this app.
  • Allow 'less secure apps' to access your email account by changing the setting found here.


You can change a couple of parameters in the app/settings.yml file.

You can set:

  1. The place: name of the city of your interest
  2. min_price: minimum rent price
  3. max_price: maximum rent price

blacklist is a feature to stop receiving listings from certain realtors. These names must be verbatum (I suggest copying them from their Pararius page).

email_from is the email from which you will be emailing.

email_to is the email to which you will be emailing.

Running the app

You can run the application by executing:

docker run -v /PATH/TO/FOLDER/data:/root/data --env-file env.list jhginn/pararius

Where /PATH/TO/FOLDER is the absolute filepath of the folder containing the Dockerfile

Cron job

It's a good idea to let the app check new listings with some regularity. To this end, simply schedule a cron job every 5-10 minutes:

# Install this crontab file

# execute 'date' on your VM to see what time/date settings are
# <min> <hr> <day> <month> <weekday>


*/5 * * * * cd /PATH/TO/FOLDER/ && docker run -v /PATH/TO/FOLDER/data:/root/data --env-file env.list jhginn/pararius


You can enter a bash environment by executing the following:

docker run -v /PATH/TO/FOLDER/data:/root/data --env-file env.list -it --entrypoint /bin/bash jhginn/pararius
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