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BitcoinWallet for learning bitcoin technologies easier(tested on JCIDE and JC30M48)
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BitcoinWallet is a Bitcoin Hardware Wallet implementation . It was based on the project Ledger Wallet and can be run on javacard platform with JCRE version 3.0.x above. Bitcoin is an innovative payment system and a new kind of money. It was implemented on P2P technologies and transactions take place between users directly.

##Compiling and Downloading A project file(BitcoinWallet.jcproj) has been created for the users of JCIDE .If you have already installed the JCIDE ,only a simple double-clicking on this file to start the development environment. You can view ,edit,build or debug the code with JCIDE a powerful Javacard Integrated Development Environment. You can use pyApdutool to download and install the applet, please reference the topic in the JavaCardOS for the operation detail. It should work on JC30M48 , the downloading and installation have been tested on this card.

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