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Tensor methods in Python with TensorLy

This repository contains a series of tutorials and examples on tensor learning, with implementations in Python using TensorLy, and how to combine tensor methods and deep learning using the MXNet, PyTorch and TensorFlow frameworks as backends.


You will need to have the latest version of TensorLy installed to run these examples as explained in the instructions.

The easiest way is to clone the repository:

git clone
cd tensorly
pip install -e .

Then simply clone this repository:

git clone

You are ready to go!

Table of contents

1 - Tensor basics

2 - Tensor decomposition

3 - Tensor regression

4 - Tensor methods and deep learning with the MXNet backend

5 - Tensor methods and deep learning with the PyTorch backend

6 - Tensor methods and deep learning with the TensorFlow backend

Useful resources

The following are very useful sources of information and I highly recomment you check them out:

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