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TKLPatch to create Concrete5 appliance (patch to be applied to TKL-LAMP)
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Concrete5 is an open source (MIT licence) CMS written in php which is really easy to use. It's actually quite easy to install yourself (on LAMP) but I thought I'd create a TKLPatch (which will hopefully lead to an official TKL appliance) that will lower the bar even more. I think Concrete5 would make a great addition to the TKL library.

I have been looking for an easy to use CMS with a nice flat learning curve. I want something for a newb friendly, staff editable intranet site at my work (reduce my workload). One of the great things about Concrete5 that makes it really useful for my purposes is that it keeps track of modifications (think wiki) so newb mistakes can be easily rectified. Concrete5 is pretty much WYSIWYG although some more advanced modifications require a little more effort under the hood. There are a range of themes and add-ons (both free and pay-for) available on the Concrete5 marketplace. Add-ons (as the name suggests) add functionality such as a Google search box, Google Maps, etc. None are included (or required) by default
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