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Fit.UI is a JavaScript based UI framework built on Object Oriented principles


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Fit.UI is an object oriented JavaScript based UI framework. It consists of two main parts:

In Core you'll find everything you need to write Object Oriented apps in JavaScript. It enhances native JS with added features for:

  • Arrays/collections
  • Browser detection
  • Cookie storage
  • DOM and CSS manipulation
  • Templating for SoC
  • Events and Manipulation Observers
  • Drag and Drop
  • Async. HTTP (AJAX)
  • JSON
  • Async. JS and CSS loader
  • Type checking and validation

On top of Core we've built Controls which is a set of very nice UI Controls and components, exposing rich APIs and event models.

  • Button
  • CheckBox
  • Context Menu
  • Dialog
  • Date and Time Picker with calendar widget
  • Drop Down (with ListView or TreeView)
  • File Picker (async. upload with image previews)
  • Input (with HTML editing using CKEditor)
  • Progress Bar
  • Tree View
  • and more to come

Fit.UI supports all major browsers (FireFox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari, and even Internet Explorer 8+). A lot of work has been put into making Fit.UI the most compatible framework available, leaving nobody behind.

Get started

Either get Fit.UI from or install it using NodeJS Package Manager (


Check out this super cool upload component based on Button, FilePicker, and ProgressBar:

Here is the Input control with support for HTML editing thanks to the power of CKEditor:

Buttons are essential to almost all applications, and FIT.UI provides some great onces, with support for FontAwesome icons:

Navigation and data selection is equally important to websites and applications, so we provide a great TreeView and DropDown control for that. Also notice that all controls have a WebService enabled sibling that automatically loads data from a server in JSON format:

API Documentation

Fit.UI has been thoroughly documented:


Quality Assurance and Testing using BrowserStack.


Fit.UI is a JavaScript based UI framework built on Object Oriented principles







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