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NO LONGER MAINTAINED. Extension to easily manage multiple html signatures for each email address you have set up in Gmail. Available for Chrome ( and Firefox (
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NO LONGER BEING MAINTAINED. I can't keep up with the changes in Gmail. Feel free to create your own version of this extension using my code (, but please give credit to my work with a link.

Blank Canvas Signatures for Gmail

This extension for Firefox and Google Chrome automatically inserts HTML signatures into your Gmail messages based on which address you are sending from.

Report Bugs or Suggest Features

This project is developed and maintained as a hobby by Jerome Dane. Please remember that all other “real life” obligations must come first. I’d rather be at the pool with my family than fixing bugs in software I write and distribute for free.

Google frequently changes the code and layout of Gmail, so this project may be abandoned or fall into disrepair at any time, but you can show your support and help keep it going by Donating through PayPal. ♥

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