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Game Frame 2016 Revision for Teensy LC/3.x and Supporting IR Remote Control
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firmware IR remote fixes Oct 17, 2016
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gameFrameV2.ino IR Remote Fixes & Clock Set Improvements Oct 17, 2016 Update Oct 3, 2016

Game Frame Source

This source code is for use with Game Frame, a pixel display available from LEDSEQ.COM. It compiles for Teensy 3.x and Teensy LC under Arduino 1.6.3 and Teensyduino 1.22, and requires the following libraries.

Most libraries are available for download here:

  • SPI
  • Wire
  • Time
  • DS1307RTC
  • FastLED
  • Entropy
  • IRremote
  • SdFat
  • IniFileLite (available in this repository)
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