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This is a source code for web application at


There is no sensitive information in this repository, so it is fully opened – feel free to run and play with it. Unfortunately, there is no documentation for API, but you can look at the code here.


npm run start # starts a webpack-dev-server

There is also a nodemon if you want to serve files from actual express.js server, like in production, but I don't feel it is a super helpful feature (it adds some delay).

To build the project:

npm run build:prod


I use eslint with fully custom rules. It can be run via command:

npm run eslint


I use ava library. For now there are almost no tests, because components and the single store are the only subjects for testing.

npm run test


This is an isomorphic application built in React.js, with dynamic prefetch of needed resources, for better mobile access and SEO. It uses mobx instead of de-facto standard Redux approach, due to my interest to this technology and also due to the fact, that this should be quite small project – so far it shows itself as much more lightweight and less strict solution.

For bundling I use webpack and webpack-dev-server for development, which with react hot reload preset gives wonderful development experience. I use PostCSS mostly out of curiousity, because I feel that all modern CSS processors are capable about basically the same possilities. Maybe PostCSS is more flexible, but definitely it requires more setup.