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Sakura CardCaptor API ✨


api/card gets all cards
api/card/:id gets card by id


This call will return a maximum of 60 cards. The default is 60.

  • Example of object:
  "data": [
      "englishName":"The Windy",
    { ... },
    { ... }

These are the supported query string parameters:

Parameters Description
page The page of data to access. Defaults to 1.
pageSize The maximum amount of cards to return. Defaults to 60 (max is also 60).

Simple usage:

# Get all Cards
curl ""

# Get page 3 of data with a page size of 10 Cards
curl ""

There are currently nine available resources:

_id: Card id.
cardNumber: This is the card number, not the id.
spanishName: Card name in spanish language.
englishName: Card name in english language.
kanji: Card name in logographic Japanese characters.
Rōmaji: Card name in western alphabet transcription.
appeardManga: Number of manga in which the card first appeard.
appeardAnime : Number of episode in which the card first appeard.
clowCard: Image of the Clow Card.
sakuraCard: Image of the Sakura Card

Start proyect 🚀

npm install

npm run dev

Clow cards and Sakura cards API made with a lot of love for the community 🌈

Contributions are welcome 💕