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Best Talks from PyCon 2017

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The Dictionary Even Mightier by Brandon Rhodes

The Dictionary Even Mightier

Lisa Guo, Hui Ding Keynote PyCon 2017

Converting from Python 2 to Python 3

Python from Space Analyzing Open Satellite Imagery Using the Python Ecosystem by Katherine Scott

Satellite Imagery with Python

Algorithmic Music Generation by Padmaja V Bhagwat

Algorithmic Music Generation

Kelsey Hightower - Keynote

Live Deployment

Hacking Classic Nintendo Games with Python PyCon 2017 by Sam Agnew

Hacking Classic Nintendo

Tracing, Fast and Slow Digging into and improving your web service’s performance by Lynn Root

Tracing, Fast and Slow Digging

Hacking Cars with Python by Eric Evenchick

How to Hack Cars Using Python

Asynchronous Python for the Complete Beginner by Miguel Grinberg

Asynchronous Python for the Complete Beginner

One Data Pipeline to Rule Them All by Sam Kitajima Kimbrel

Data Pipelines

Automate AWS With Python by Moshe Zadka

AWS Automation

Cython as a Game Changer for Efficiency

Cython as Game Changer