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JetBrains Community

JetBrains Community - Discord (JetBot)

The JetBrains Community Discord Server - JetBot, the Python bot behind it

Community Discord Server

We have an unofficial, community driven server on Discord for all users of JetBrains to hang out on. The server has dedicated channels for each product that JetBrains produce as well as some key channels under the Open Source category for major open source projects run by JetBrains. We also have quite a few JetBrains staff with us on the server here to hang out and chat with us, the community.

This server is not a JetBrains official support channel, it is a community run server for the JetBrains community to chill in.

JetBrains community Discord server


JetBot is a bot that provides information about JetBrains products and projects for the JetBrains server. It also helps out with managing the roles, channels and emotes. JetBot makes use of Python 3.6 and rewrite to work. It was originally made for just the JetBrains server but is now public: invite it to your server. I provide absolutely no support for this bot as it was written in a very messy style to get the job done. Feel free to make pull requests to improve the quality of it.

Please join the server to see what it is used to manage or if you have any questions for me about it:


All JetBrains assets are copyright JetBrains s.r.o. Find out more on their press page.

The JetBrains Community branding was created by JetBrains for the JetBrains Community (Discord server and other related projects).