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Scala Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Plugin that implements Scala, SBT, Play 2, SSP and Hocon support in IntelliJ IDEA.


General information

Developing Scala plugin

In order to take part in Scala plugin development, you need to:

  1. Install the following software:

    • SBT 0.13.5 or higher
    • IntelliJ IDEA 14 or higher with compatible version of Scala plugin and ant support enabled
  2. Fork this repository and clone it to your computer

    $ git clone
  3. Open IntelliJ IDEA, select File -> New -> Project from existing sources, point to the directory where Scala plugin repository is and then import it as SBT project.

  4. When importing is finished, go to Scala plugin repo directory and run

    $ git checkout .idea

    in order to get artifacts and run configurations for IDEA project.

  5. To build Scala plugin you need to give at least 2GB of the heap size to the compiler process.

    • if you use Scala Compile Server (default): Settings > Languages & Frameworks > Scala Compile Server > JVM maximum heap size

    • if Scala Compile Server is disabled: Settings > Build, Execution, Deployment > Compiler > Build process heap size