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Scala plugin for IntelliJ IDEA
Scala Java Other
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.idea Merge branch 'jozic-scalatest-superclass'
NailgunRunners Sbt watcher for play 2
Runners Slightly improved reporting for specs2 Specifications in versions pri…
SDK Fixed decompilation for the reference to type inside of refinement.
ScalaRunner add missing resource directory to scalarunners build file
compiler-settings use checksum instead of timestamp to store different versions of comp…
idea-runner idea sdk downloading rewrite
jars Update sbt-structure to 3.3.3
jps-plugin getCompilableFileExtensions should not return null
project Compilation fixed (2)
resources obsolete classes removed
src/org/jetbrains exception fixed: define parameter index the old way if his grandparen…
test caching of control flow improved
testJarsDownloader update monocle libraries for tests
testdata tests for change signature
.gitattributes .gitattributes
.gitignore Switched GUI designer settings to generate java code instead of bytecode
LICENSE.txt license & readme
README.rst Updated README.rst file.
build.sbt Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
buildutils.xml scala library jar name patching in idea artifact point to the Leda SDK


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