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Filling Bugs

We use YouTrack for bug reports and suggestions. Click here to report an issue.

Installation is running on Tomcat. You can setup Tomcat locally using init.xml. If you are installing tomcat manually, you need to download ConnectorJ lib and copy jar file to tomcat libraries.

You need MySql database to launch, schema can be found here

Building is IDEA project. uses Kotlin for frontend, so latest bootstrap version of Kotlin plugin should be installed (see "Note for contributors" at Kotlin repository).

To build this project, first time you try to build you need to run update_dependencies.xml ant script, that will download Kotlin for user projects.

Artifacts consists of two war artifacts:

  • WebDemoWar - frontend server that communicates with user, forwards kotlin-related requests to backend
  • WebDemoBackend - backend server that processes requests related with Kotlin (run, highlight, etc.)


You need to pass some environment variables to application using tomcat context.xml. Use the following templates to create context files:

context.xml files should be placed near the associated templates.


To run Web Demo you should build both artifacts and deploy them using Tomcat. If you have installed Tomcat locally with init.xml and using IDEA, WebDemoServer run configuration can be used.

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