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Kotlin 1.4.30

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@woainikk woainikk released this 03 Feb 15:24
· 28 commits to 1.4.30 since this release



  • KT-42383 HMPP: Bad IDEA dependencies: Missing dependency from p1:jvmAndAndroid to p2:jvmAndAndroid

Backend. Native

  • KT-38772 Native: support non-reified type parameters in typeOf
  • KT-42234 Move LLVM optimization parameters into
  • KT-42649 IndexOutOfBoundsException during InlineClassTransformer lowering
  • KT-42942 Native: optimize peak backend memory by clearing BindingContext after psi2ir
  • KT-43198 Native: support init blocks inside inline classes


New Features

  • KT-28055 Support init blocks inside inline classes
  • KT-28056 Consider supporting non-public primary constructors for inline classes
  • KT-41265 Support noarg compiler plugin for JVM IR
  • KT-42094 Allow open callable members in expect interfaces
  • KT-43129 FIR: Support OverloadResolutionByLambdaReturnType
  • KT-43592 Promote JVM IR compiler backend to Beta
  • KT-43919 Support loading Java annotations on base classes and implementing interfaces' type arguments
  • KT-44021 Enable JVM IR backend by default in 1.5

Performance Improvements

  • KT-41352 JVM IR: reduce bytecode size in for loops and range checks with 'until' by not using inclusive end
  • KT-41644 NI: Infinite compilation
  • KT-42791 OutOfMemoryError on compilation using kotlin 1.4 on a class with a lot of type inference
  • KT-42920 NI: Improve performance around adding constraints


  • KT-11454 Load annotations on TYPE_USE/TYPE_PARAMETER positions from Java class-files
  • KT-11732 Verify error for generic interface method invocation with default parameters
  • KT-14612 "ISE: Recursive call in a lazy value" during processing of a (weakly) recursive type alias
  • KT-18344 Upper bound of a typealias type parameter is not reported correctly if it contains the typealias itself
  • KT-18768 @NotNull annotation from Java does not work with varargs
  • KT-20548 java.lang.IllegalStateException: Illegal class container on simple Java code parsing
  • KT-22465 Excessive synthetic method for private setter from superclass
  • KT-23816 Inline classes: constants and annotations
  • KT-24158 AE: No receiver found on incomplete code with $-signs
  • KT-24392 Nullability of Java arrays is read incorrectly if @nullable annotation has both targets TYPE_USE and VALUE_PARAMETER
  • KT-26229 Lambda/anonymous function argument in parentheses is not supported for callsInPlace effect
  • KT-29735 KNPE at KtEnumEntrySuperclassReferenceExpression.getReferencedElement with explicit type argument inside enum member constructor
  • KT-31389 ClassFormatError with companion object in annotation with @JvmStatic
  • KT-31907 ISE: UNIT_EXPECTED_TYPE on parsing array literal inside lambda with Unit return type
  • KT-32228 Inconsistent boxing/unboxing for inline classes when interface is specialized by object expression
  • KT-32450 Inline class incorrectly gets re-wrapped when provided to a function
  • KT-35849 Missing nullability assertion on lambda return value if expected type has generic return value type
  • KT-35902 Kotlin generates a private parameterless constructor for constructors taking inline class arguments with default values
  • KT-36399 Gradually support TYPE_USE nullability annotations read from class-files
  • KT-36769 JVM IR: Missing LVT entries for inline function (default) parameters at call site
  • KT-36982 JVM IR: SAM adapter classes are generated as synthetic
  • KT-37007 JVM IR: extraneous property accessors are generated in multifile facade for InlineOnly property
  • KT-37317 [FIR] Add support of extension functions in postponed lambda completion
  • KT-38400 FIR: interface abstract is preferred to Any method in super resolve
  • KT-38536 JVM IR: bound adapted function references are not inlined
  • KT-38656 FIR: determine overridden member visibility properly
  • KT-38901 FIR: Make behavior of integer literals overflow consistent with FE 1.0
  • KT-39709 [FIR] False positive UNINITIALIZED_VARIABLE in presence of complex graph with jumps
  • KT-39923 Result.Failure will get wrapped with Success when using with RxJava
  • KT-40198 '$default' methods in 'kotlin/test/AssertionsKt' generated as non-synthetic by JVM_IR
  • KT-40200 IDE: Multiple top-level main functions in different files: broken highlighting, "No descriptor resolved for FUN"
  • KT-40262 ACC_DEPRECATED flag not generated for property getter delegate in multifile class facade in JVM_IR
  • KT-40282 Inline class wrapping Any gets double boxed
  • KT-40464 JVM_IR does not generate LINENUMBER at closing brace of (suspend) lambda
  • KT-40500 Warnings reporting by Java nullability annotations doesn't work for not top-level types
  • KT-40926 IDE import actions do not add required import for convention invoke() extension call
  • KT-40948 IllegalAccessError while initializing val property in EXACTLY_ONCE lambda that is passed to another function
  • KT-40991 NI: UNRESOLVED_REFERENCE_WRONG_RECEIVER instead of FUNCTION_EXPECTED with convention invoke call
  • KT-41163 Double wrapped value in Result class after map operation
  • KT-41284 Spring CGLIB proxies break auto-generated data class componentN and copy methods when using JVM IR
  • KT-41468 JVM IR: IllegalAccessError on access to abstract base member from another package, from anonymous object inside abstract class
  • KT-41491 UNRESOLVED_REFERENCE_WRONG_RECEIVER instead of FUNCTION_EXPECTED when invoking non-functional value as a function
  • KT-41493 JVM IR: names of classes for local delegated variables contain the variable name twice
  • KT-41792 [FIR] Introduce & use ConeAttribute.UnsafeVariance
  • KT-41793 [FIR] Make captured types accessible at the end of resolve
  • KT-41809 JVM IR: name for internal $default method doesn't include module name
  • KT-41810 JVM IR: Deprecated(HIDDEN) class is incorrectly generated as synthetic
  • KT-41841 JVM IR: delegates for private functions with default arguments are generated in multifile classes
  • KT-41857 Flaky 'ConcurrentModificationException' through kotlin.serialization.DescriptorSerializer
  • KT-41903 JVM IR: do not generate LineNumberTable in auto-generated members of data classes
  • KT-41911 JVM IR: nested big-arity function calls are not lowered
  • KT-41957 JVM IR: step into suspend function goes to the first line of the file
  • KT-41960 JVM IR: smart step into members implemented with delegation to interface doesn't work
  • KT-41961 JVM IR: line numbers are not generated in JvmMultifileClass facade declarations
  • KT-41962 JVM IR: intermittent -1 line numbers in the state machine cause double stepping in the debugger
  • KT-42001 Cannot resolve symbol: AssertionError: Module <sdk 1.8> is not contained in his own dependencies
  • KT-42002 JVM / IR: IllegalStateException: "No mapping for symbol: VAR IR_TEMPORARY_VARIABLE" caused by named arguments
  • KT-42021 JVM / IR: "IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 0 out of bounds for length 0" during IR lowering with suspend conversion
  • KT-42033 JVM IR: accidental override in Map subclass with custom implementations of some members
  • KT-42036 IR: "AssertionError: TypeAliasDescriptor expected: deserialized class Nothing" when referencing typealias with @UnsafeVariance
  • KT-42043 JVM IR: Don't generate collection stubs when implementing methods with more specific return types
  • KT-42044 Compiler error when lambda with contract surrounded with parentheses
  • KT-42114 JVM_IR generates stub for 'removeIf' in abstract classes implementing 'List' and 'Set'
  • KT-42115 JVM_IR doesn't generate 'next' and 'hasNext' method in an abstract class implementing 'ListIterator'
  • KT-42116 FIR: Java accessor function should not exist in scope together with relevant property
  • KT-42117 IR-based evaluator cannot handle Java static final fields
  • KT-42118 FIR2IR: field-targeted annotation is placed on a property, not on a field
  • KT-42130 FIR: type variable is observed after when condition analysis
  • KT-42132 FIR2IR: companion function reference has no dispatch receiver
  • KT-42137 JVM IR: AbstractMethodError on complex hierarchy where implementation comes from another supertype and has a more specific type
  • KT-42186 JVM / IR: Infinite cycle in for expression when unsigned bytes are used in decreasing loop range
  • KT-42251 JVM / IR: "IllegalStateException: Descriptor can be left only if it is last" when comparing the i-th element of the container of Int? and i with change
  • KT-42253 JVM IR: NoSuchFieldError on local delegated property in inline function whose call site happens before declaration in the source
  • KT-42281 JVM / IR: AnalyzerException when comparing Int and array that cast to Any in if condition
  • KT-42340 FIR2IR: duplicating fake overrides
  • KT-42344 IR-based evaluator doesn't support "annotation in annotation"
  • KT-42346 FIR: double-vararg in IR while resolving collection literal as Java annotation argument
  • KT-42348 FIR: false UNINITIALIZED_VARIABLE in local class
  • KT-42350 FIR: false UNINITIALIZED_VARIABLE after initialization in try block
  • KT-42351 FIR: false HIDDEN in enum entry member call
  • KT-42354 JVM / IR: "AssertionError: Unexpected IR element found during code generation" with KProperty get invocation
  • KT-42359 FIR2IR: cannot mangle type parameter
  • KT-42373 FIR2IR: local object nested class has no parent if forward-referenced by nested class supertype
  • KT-42384 FIR (BE): top-level field has no parent class in BE
  • KT-42496 FIR resolve: synthetic property is written but has no setter
  • KT-42517 FIR: exception in BE for recursive inline call
  • KT-42530 "AssertionError: No type for resolved lambda argument" on attempting to assign a Pair to a couple of values in a scratch file
  • KT-42601 [FIR] Inherited declaration clash for stdlib inheritors
  • KT-42622 NI: IllegalStateException for if expression with method reference inside flow
  • KT-42642 ISE: No getProgressionLastElement for progression type IntProgressionType
  • KT-42650 JVM IR: extraneous nullability annotation on a generic function of a flexible type
  • KT-42656 FIR2IR: unsupported callable reference for Java field
  • KT-42725 Debugger steps into core library inline functions in chained calls
  • KT-42758 JVM / IR: Deserialized object that overrides readResolve() is not reference equal to the singleton instance
  • KT-42770 FIR: duplicating signatures in mangler (typealias for functional type)
  • KT-42771 FIR: duplicating signature in mangler (data class with delegate)
  • KT-42814 FIR: false UNINITIALIZED_VARIABLE in local function after if...else
  • KT-42844 FIR: Property write in init block resolved to parameter write
  • KT-42846 JVM_IR: NPE on function reference to @JvmStatic method in a different file
  • KT-42933 JVM / IR: "AnalyzerException: Expected an object reference, but found I" with local delegate in inline class
  • KT-43006 JVM/JVM_IR: do not generate no-arg constructor for constructor with default arguments if there are inline class types in the signature
  • KT-43017 JVM / IR: AssertionError when callable reference passed into a function requiring a suspendable function
  • KT-43051 JVM IR: extraneous methods overridding default (Java 8) collection methods in inline class that extends MutableList
  • KT-43067 Inner class declaration inside inline class should be prohibited
  • KT-43068 JVM IR: no generic signatures for explicitly written methods in a List subclass, whose signature coincides with MutableList methods
  • KT-43132 JVM / IR: Method name '<get-...>' in class '...$screenTexts$1$1' cannot be represented in dex format.
  • KT-43145 JVM IR: $default methods in multi-file facades are generated as non-synthetic final
  • KT-43156 FIR: false UNINITIALIZED_VARIABLE after initialization in synchronized block
  • KT-43196 JVM: extra non-static member is generated for extension property in inline class
  • KT-43199 JVM IR: synthetic flag for deprecated-hidden is not generated for DeprecatedSinceKotlin and deprecation from override
  • KT-43207 JVM IR: no collection stub for iterator is generated on extending AbstractCollection
  • KT-43217 JVM_IR: Multiple FAKE_OVERRIDES for java methods using @nonnull Double and java double
  • KT-43226 "Incompatible stack heights" with non-local return to outer lambda inside suspend lambda
  • KT-43242 JVM / IR: "AnalyzerException: Expected I, but found R" caused by when inside object with @nullable Integer subject
  • KT-43249 Wrong code generated for suspend lambdas with inline class parameters
  • KT-43286 JVM IR: IAE "Inline class types should have the same representation: Lkotlin/UInt; != I" on smart cast of unsigned type value with JVM target 1.8
  • KT-43326 JVM_IR: No deprecated flag for getter of deprecated interface property copied to DefaultImpls
  • KT-43327 JVM_IR: No deprecated or synthetic flag for accessors of deprecated-hidden property of unsigned type
  • KT-43332 FIR: Smart casts lead to false-positive ambiguity
  • KT-43370 JVM IR: No deprecated flag for getter of deprecated property copied via delegation by interface
  • KT-43459 JVM_IR. Wrong signature for synthetic $annotations method for extension property on nullable primitive
  • KT-43478 NI: "IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 3, Size: 3" caused by is check with raw type inside if condition with when inside
  • KT-43519 JVM_IR. External functions generated differently in multi file facades
  • KT-43524 JVM_IR. Missed deprecation flag on companion @JvmStatic property accessor
  • KT-43525 Prohibit JvmOverloads on declarations with inline class types in parameters
  • KT-43536 JVM IR: IllegalStateException is not caught by runCatching under Deferred.await() with kotlinx.coroutines
  • KT-43562 JVM IR: incorrect mangling for Collection.size in unsigned arrays
  • KT-43584 [FIR] Java annotations with named arguments aren't loaded correctly
  • KT-43587 Invalid default parameter value in expect actual declaration on jvm
  • KT-43630 "AssertionError: Number of arguments should not be less than number of parameters" during capturing intersection raw type with star projection
  • KT-43698 NoSuchMethodError for inline class implementing interface with @JvmDefault methods, -Xjvm-default=enable
  • KT-43741 Report error on inline class implementing 'kotlin.Cloneable'
  • KT-43845 org.jetbrains.kotlin.codegen.CompilationException: Back-end (JVM) Internal error: Failed to generate expression: KtBlockExpression
  • KT-43956 NI: "Error type encountered – UninferredParameterTypeConstructor" on "try" and other constructs with code block as a value
  • KT-44055 Left uninferred type parameter for callable references inside special calls
  • KT-44113 Compiler frontend exception: Number of arguments should not be less than number of parameters, but: parameters=2, args=1
  • KT-44145 No highlighting for not initialized base constructor and NoSuchMethodError in Android plugin
  • KT-44540 Regression in 1.4.30 in intellij-community: type mismatch for generic function call with generic Java class
  • KT-44563 Type Inference loosing type annotations in lambda type expectation for function calls with block parameters


New Features

  • KT-44075 Sealed interfaces: New Kotlin Class/File menu update


  • KT-29454 Light class with unexpected name when using obfuscated library
  • KT-31553 Complete Statement: Wrong auto-insertion of closing curly brace for a code block
  • KT-33466 IDE generates incorrect external override with body for overriding open external method
  • KT-39458 Add CLI support for UL classes
  • KT-40403 UAST: PsiMethod for invoked extension function/property misses @receiver: annotations
  • KT-41406 Kotlin doesn't report annotations for type arguments (no way to add @Nls, @NonNls annotations to String collections in Kotlin)
  • KT-41420 UAST does not return information about type annotations
  • KT-42194 OOME: Java heap space from incremental compilation
  • KT-42754 MPP: no smart cast for Common nullable property used in platform module
  • KT-42821 MPP, IDE: Platform-specific errors are reported even when build doesn't target that platform
  • KT-44116 Add language version 1.5 to the compiler configuration preferences
  • KT-44523 IDE notification for trying new JVM backend
  • KT-44543 Kotlin's LowMemoryWatcher leaks on Kotlin plugin unload

IDE. Android

  • KT-42381 MPP: Bad IDEA dependencies: JVM module depending on built artifact instead of sources of module with Android Plugin applied

IDE. Completion

  • KT-44016 Code completion: support for "sealed interface"
  • KT-44250 Code completion does not work in when expression with sealed type argument

IDE. Gradle. Script

  • KT-39105 AE “JvmBuiltins has not been initialized properly” after creating new Gradle/Kotlin-based project via old Project Wizard

IDE. Inspections and Intentions

New Features

  • KT-22666 "Create enum constant" quick fix could be provided
  • KT-24556 Add Remove quick fix for "Expression under 'when' is never equal to null"
  • KT-34121 Report unused result of data class copy method
  • KT-34533 INLINE_CLASS_CONSTRUCTOR_NOT_FINAL_READ_ONLY_PARAMETER: Add quickfix "Add val to parameter"
  • KT-35215 Quickfix for CONST_VAL_NOT_TOP_LEVEL_OR_OBJECT to remove const modifier
  • KT-40251 Intention action to evaluate compile time expression
  • KT-44017 Sealed interfaces: Java side Inspection "implementation of Kotlin sealed interface is forbidden"
  • KT-43941 Sealed interfaces: intention to extend class/interface
  • KT-44043 Sealed interfaces: quickfix to move class/interface to proper location


  • KT-20420 Intention "Put arguments/parameters on separate lines" doesn't respect the "Place ')' on new line" Kotlin code style setting
  • KT-21799 Quickfix "Change function signature" for receiver type doesn't change it
  • KT-22665 "Create object" quick fix produce wrong code for enum
  • KT-23934 IntelliJ suggest "merge map to joinToString" even when such action is impossible due to suspending actions in map
  • KT-30894 Wrong results of intention "Add names to call arguments" when backticked argument starts from digit
  • KT-31523 ReplaceWith introduces additional argument name for lambda when named argument is used on call-site
  • KT-31833 JavaMapForEachInspection should report for expression with implicit receiver
  • KT-33096 Turn 'MapGetWithNotNullAssertionOperator' into an intention
  • KT-33212 False positive "map.put() should be converted to assignment" inspection when class inherited from MutableMap has "set" method
  • KT-34270 False negative "Join declaration and assignment" with constructor call
  • KT-34859 False positive "Should be replaced with Kotlin function" inspection for Character.toString(int) function
  • KT-34959 False positive "Redundant overriding method" with different implemented/overridden signatures
  • KT-35051 False positive "Remove redundant backticks" if variable inside the string and isn't followed by space
  • KT-35097 False positive "Call replaceable with binary operator" on explicit 'equals' call on a platform type value
  • KT-35165 "Replace 'if' with elvis operator": don't suggest if val initializer is a complex expression
  • KT-35346 False positive 'Make internal' suggestion for function inside interface
  • KT-35357 "Move lambda argument out of parentheses" does not preserve block comments
  • KT-38349 Invalid suggestion to fold to elvis when having a var-variable
  • KT-40704 False negative "Redundant semicolon" at start of line
  • KT-40861 "Convert to secondary constructor" intention expected on class name
  • KT-40879 False positive "Redundant 'inner' modifier" when calling another inner class with empty constructor
  • KT-40985 "Remove explicit type arguments" is suggested when type has an annotation
  • KT-41223 False positive "Redundant inner modifier" inspection ignores constructor arguments of object expressions
  • KT-41246 False positive "Receiver parameter is never used" with anonymous function expression
  • KT-41298 "Remove redundant 'with' call" intention works incorrectly with non-local returns and single-expression functions
  • KT-41311 False positive "Redundant inner modifier" when deriving from a nested Java class
  • KT-41499 "Convert receiver to parameter" produces code with incorrect order of generic type and function invocation in case of generic function with lambda as a parameter
  • KT-41680 False positive "Redundant inner modifier" when deriving from class with non-empty constructor and value passed to it from enclosing class
  • KT-42201 Add Opt-In action doesn't work if there is already OptIn annotation
  • KT-42255 "Replace elvis expression with 'if' expression" intention shouldn't introduce unnecessary variable if 'error' expression is used


  • KT-43760 KJS: Debugging Kotlin code for Node.js runtime doesn't work

IDE. Misc

  • KT-44018 Sealed interfaces: IDE side implementation for hierarchy provider

IDE. Multiplatform

  • KT-40814 MISSING_DEPENDENCY_CLASS when consuming native-shared library in a source-set with fewer targets than library has

IDE. Run Configurations

  • KT-34535 Unable to run common tests on Android via gutter icon in a multiplatform project

IDE. Scratch

  • KT-25038 Scratch: Destructuring declaration produces an unresolved reference
  • KT-43415 Kotlin scratch file could not be run and could lead to dead lock

IDE. Script

  • KT-44117 IDE / Scripts: custom kotlin script definitions aren't loaded



  • KT-31072 Don't use non-reified arguments to specialize type operations in IR inliner
  • KT-39964 Throwable incorrectly implements constructor for (null, cause) args in K/JS-IR
  • KT-40090 KJS: IR. Invalid behaviour for optional parameters (redundant tail undefined parameters)
  • KT-40686 KJS: Uncaught ReferenceError caused by external class as type inside eventListener in init block
  • KT-40771 KJS / IR: "ReferenceError: Metadata is not defined" caused by default parameter value in inner class constructor
  • KT-41032 KJS / IR: "AssertionError: Assertion failed" caused by class that is delegated to inherited interface
  • KT-41076 KJS / IR: "AssertionError: Assertion failed" caused by overridden extensiion function in child class
  • KT-41771 KJS / IR: IndexOutOfBoundsException "Index 0 out of bounds for length 0" caused by inline class with List in primary constructor and vararg in secondary
  • KT-42025 KJS / IR: IrConstructorCallImpl: No such type argument slot: 0
  • KT-42112 KJS: StackOverflowError on @JsExport in case of name clash with function with Enum parameter with star-projection
  • KT-42262 KJS: break-statements without label are ignored in a when
  • KT-42357 KotlinJS - external class constructor with vararg does not correctly handle spread operator.
  • KT-42364 KJS: Properties of interface delegate are non-configurable
  • KT-43212 JS IR: support init blocks inside inline classes
  • KT-43222 KJS IR: prototype lazy initialization for top-level properties like in JVM
  • KT-43313 KJS / IR: "Can't find name for declaration FUN" for secondary constructor
  • KT-43901 Call to enum values() method from enum companion object leads to non-initialized enum instances

KMM Plugin

  • KT-41677 Could not launch iOS project with custom display name
  • KT-42463 Launch common tests for Android on local JVM via run gutter
  • KT-43188 NoSuchMethodError in New Module Wizard of KMM Project


  • KT-41112 Docs: add more details about bit shift operations
  • KT-41278 map.entries.contains can return false if the argument is not MutableEntry
  • KT-41356 Incorrect documentation for rangeTo function
  • KT-44456 Introduce locale-agnostic API for case conversions
  • KT-44458 Introduce new Char-to-code and Char-to-digit conversions

Middle-end. IR

  • KT-41765 [Native/IR] Could not resolveFakeOverride()
  • KT-42054 Psi2ir: "RuntimeException: IrSimpleFunctionSymbolImpl is already bound" when using result of function with overload resolution by lambda return type


  • KT-44219 1.4.30-M1: Non-reified type parameters with recursive bounds are not supported yet
  • KT-44271 [Kotlin/Native] Incorrect linking when targeting linux_x64 from mingw_x64 host

Native. C and ObjC Import

  • KT-42412 [C-interop] Modality of generated property accessors is always FINAL

Native. ObjC Export

  • KT-38530 Native: values() method of enum classes is not exposed to Objective-C/Swift
  • KT-43599 K/N: Unbound symbols not allowed

Native. Platform libraries

Native. Platforms

Native. Runtime

  • KT-42822 Kotlin/Native Worker leaks ObjC/Swift autorelease references (and indirectly bridged K/N references) on Darwin targets

Native. Stdlib

  • KT-42172 Kotlin/Native: StableRef.dispose race condition on Kotlin deinitRuntime
  • KT-42428 Inconsistent behavior of map.entries on Kotlin.Native


  • KT-34024 "KotlinReflectionInternalError: Inconsistent number of parameters" with javaMethod on suspending functions with inline class in function signature or inside the function

Tools. CLI

  • KT-43294 Support -no-stdlib option for the kotlin runner
  • KT-43406 JVM: produce deterministic jar files if -d option value is a .jar file

Tools. CLI. Native

  • KT-40670 Allow to override via CLI

Tools. Compiler Plugins

  • KT-41764 KJS /IR IllegalStateException: "Symbol for public kotlin/arrayOf is unbound" with serialization plugin
  • KT-42976 kotlinx.serialization + JVM IR: NPE on annotation with @SerialInfo
  • KT-43725 Prohibit inner and local classes in kotlin-noarg

Tools. Gradle

  • KT-38692 KaptGenerateStubs Gradle task will not clean up outputs when sources are empty and not an incremental build
  • KT-40140 kotlin-android plugin eagerly creates several Gradle tasks
  • KT-41295 Kotlin Gradle Plugin 1.4.20 Configuration Caching bug due to friendPath provider
  • KT-42058 Support moduleName option in Kotlin Gradle plugin for JVM
  • KT-43054 Implementation of AbstractKotlinTarget#buildAdhocComponentsFromKotlinVariants breaks configuration caching
  • KT-43489 Incremental compilation - unable to find history files causing full recompilation
  • KT-43740 Gradle out-of-process runner fails with unclear diagnostics if build directory does not exist
  • KT-43895 Fix cacheability warnings for the Kotlin plugins

Tools. Gradle. JS

  • KT-42400 Kotlin/JS: Gradle DSL: customField() is rejected in Groovy build.gradle
  • KT-42462 NPM dependency declaration with Groovy interpolated string
  • KT-42954 Kotlin/JS: IDE import after changing kotlin.js.externals.output.format does not re-generate externals
  • KT-43535 Common webpack configuration breaks on lambda serialization in some cases
  • KT-43668 PackageJson task use file dependencies as is (files and directories), but only files necessary
  • KT-43793 nodeArgs in NodeJsExec task
  • KT-43842 KJS: Invalid output.library support for null value
  • KT-44104 KJS / Gradle: An ability to pass jvm args to K2JSDce process

Tools. Gradle. Multiplatform

  • KT-42269 Setup default dependsOn edges for Android source sets
  • KT-42413 [MPP/gradle] withJava breaks build on 1.4.20-M1
  • KT-43141 Gradle / Configuration cache: NPE from org.jetbrains.kotlin.gradle.tasks.KotlinCompileCommon.getKotlinOptions() on reusing configuration cache for task compileCommonMainKotlinMetadata
  • KT-43329 Gradle / Configuration cache: IAE “Parameter specified as non-null is null: method KotlinMetadataTargetConfiguratorKt.isCompatibilityMetadataVariantEnabled, parameter $this$isCompatibilityMetadataVariantEnabled” on reusing configuration cache for task compileKotlinMetadata
  • KT-44298 Kotlin 1.4.20+ MPP "root" module publication does not include the source JAR that used to be published in the -metadata modules

Tools. Gradle. Native

  • KT-39564 Make kotlin-native Gradle tasks Cacheable
  • KT-42485 Fail on cinterop: clang_indexTranslationUnit returned 1
  • KT-42550 Adding subspec dependency with git location failed
  • KT-42849 Gradle / Configuration cache: tasks nativeMetadataJar, runReleaseExecutableNative, runDebugExecutableNative are unsupported and fails on reusing configuration cache
  • KT-42938 CocoaPods Gradle plugin: podBuildDependencies doesn't properly report xcodebuild failures
  • KT-43151 Gradle / Configuration cache: UPAE “lateinit property binary has not been initialized” on reusing configuration cache for linkDebugExecutableNative, linkDebugTestNative, linkReleaseExecutableNative tasks
  • KT-43516 Failed to resolve Kotin library [Multiple Multiplatform modules]

Tools. Incremental Compile

  • KT-42937 another compilation fail (problem with compilation caches?)

Tools. JPS

  • KT-39536 JPS compilation fails with IOException "storage is already closed"

Tools. Parcelize

  • KT-41553 JVM IR, Parcelize: IrStarProjectionImpl cannot be cast to class IrTypeProjection

Tools. Scripts

  • KT-43534 Allow running "main.kts" script that does not end in a "main.kts" filename (would allow kotlin scripting on GitHub Actions)
  • KT-43176 NoSuchMethodError: 'int Script.access$getAValue$p(Script) for not-inlined functions
  • KT-43294 Support -no-stdlib option for the kotlin runner

Tools. kapt

  • KT-34340 Incremental annotation processor recompile all files (only if KAPT enabled).
  • KT-36667 Kapt: Add a flag to strip kotlin.Metadata() annotations from stubs
  • KT-40493 KAPT does not support aggregating annotations processors in incremental mode
  • KT-40882 Kapt stub generation is non-deterministic for incremental compilation
  • KT-41788 NullPointerException: Random crashes of build using gradle and kapt because of not calling Processor.init()
  • KT-42182 KAPT: Does not consider generated sources for incremental compilation.


File Sha256 7b0aae9dca5ea899ef05dedc0a6fdd6e359451e56ff0dd3354443b3208b31800
kotlin-native-linux-1.4.30.tar.gz 51c12099acf2e2131f063659c59d5f78daaba5c9bc39cc92289d962359e8ccce
kotlin-native-macos-1.4.30.tar.gz 892afbf069483b355933885c931367aaaaa32dfe26d84bbfd8636f90f0c7b556 6c56581902e094c0b1b292abb854d314d5cee650528f23015f8390301fa84ae2