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These bins were compiled under trunk reversion 35407, MPR-A1 files was compiled by using Squonk42's RT5350 patch. LUCI runs very slowly on 16M SDRAM hardware.

mpr-a1 related bins are in **mpr-a1**.

hlk-rm04 relate bins are in **hlk-rm04**

**u-boot** contains the RT5350 u-boot image.

mpr-a1-16m-luci-usb-mjpg.bin - (openwrt firmware,16M RAM)

mpr-a1-32m-luci-usb-mjpg.bin - (openwrt firmware,32M RAM)

hame-mpr-a1-v22.bin - (hame-mpr-a1 4M Hame origin firmware)
MAC: 9C417CE21C58

openwrt-hlk-rm04-4m-16m-luci-usb-mjpg.bin - (HiLink HLK-RM04 4M openwrt bin file with uboot and other all things, 16M SDRAM version)

openwrt-hlk-rm04-4m-32m-luci-usb-mjpg.bin - (HiLink HLK-RM04 4M openwrt bin file with uboot and other all things, 32M SDRAM version)

hlk-rm04-16m-luci-usb-mjpg.bin - (HiLink HLK-RM04 openwrt bin file, 16M SDRAM version only openwrt firmware)

hlk-rm04-32m-luci-usb-mjpg.bin - (HiLink HLK-RM04 openwrt bin file, 32M SDRAM version only openwrt firmware)


Self compile uboot image

These two file use ip) and ip) by default.
uboot256.img - (RT5350 32M RAM Uboot,support 32M SDRAM)
uboot128.img - (RT5350 16M RAM Uboot,support 16M SDRAM)

Hame offcial mpr-a1 uboot image

hame-mpr-a1-v22-uboot128.bin - (HAME Uboot support 16MRAM, divide from hame-mpr-a1-v22.bin)


If you want to run LUCI on HLK-RM04 or MPR-A1, you may want to expand the 16M SDRAM to 32M, here is some available 32M SDRAM chips.

Micron        32M     mT48LC16m16A2 
EtronTech     32M     EM63A165
ESMT          32M     M12L2561616A
Samsung  	  32M     K4S561632E



Hame MPR-A1

HiLink HLK-RM04


Hi-Link wireless module HLK-RM04

HAME MPR-A1 - Small and cheap router with built-in battery


Squonk42's RT5350


This patch is based on Squonk42's RT5350 Patch, include HiLink HLK-RM04 and Hame MPR-A1, and also it doesn't support the current trunk version, only test with version 35407.
Patch include mpr-a1, hlk-rm04, flash and wlan.
Now you only need this one patch to compile openwrt for hlk-rm04.
Note: this patch is a temporary solution, the dts structure patch for hlk-rm04 is on the way, when the serial bug(about uartf) is fixed, i'll publish it here.


mkdir openwrt
cd openwrt
svn co svn:// trunk
git clone
cd trunk
patch -p0 <../OpenWrt-RT5350/openwrt-hame-mpr-a1_hilink-hlk-rm04.patch
make menuconfig

Note: If you can't see hlk-rm04 option, please try to clear tmp folder, and make menuconfig again.

cd trunk
rm -rf tmp

Contact me if you need

How To

###Universal way to upgrade Hame-MPR-Ax (By Alexander)

  1. download wireshark from here and install it

  2. download tftpd32 from here

  3. download openwrt firmware from here - choose own firmware:

       a) - mpr-a1-16m-luci-usb-mjpg.bin - (openwrt firmware,16M RAM) 
       b) - mpr-a1-32m-luci-usb-mjpg.bin - (openwrt firmware,32M RAM) 

Next we need to understand how hame respond on network.

  1. Run wireshark and connect router to USB. If router was bricked we didn't see any packets from it. Disconnect usb from router.
  2. Do not close wireshark, push reset button and connect usb wire (led must become blue) . In wireshark we see this infromation: Hame send ARP request from address and try to know how got ip address we saw what packets repeat. Change ip address of computer to netmask
    Now we see request from Hame to download via tftpd file with name: 9c417c75a478.
  3. create firmware folder on desktop, move owr firmware to new folder
  4. rename firmware name to: 9c417c75a478.
  5. run tftpd and choose firmware folder. After that we saw what firmware downloaded to Hame. It will be restarted automatically.
    New router address:

###Possible way to flash MPR-A1 (without using serial)#### Use the tools(for Windows) in tools/Hame to upgrade Hame.


These tools from hame is in Chinese. Fortunately, however, it's very simple.

-1.Close your Hame device, disconnect your Hame device with your PC.

0.If your OS is WIN7, install vcredist_x86.exe first

1.Set your IP address to, sub-mask, GateWay NULL

2.Start up OneKeyUpgrade.exe, select your OpenWrt bin file.

3.Checked the "升级Root_uImage".

4.Click the "启动" button.

5.Keep pressing the Reset button, and start your Hame device, you can see the blue LED long bright.

6.Connect your Hame with your PC, connection can be created automatically, and upgrade starts.

7.During the flashing, red LED is always lighting. After Hame device have been flashed, it will restart automatically.

8.After all things, you can see a dialog with these strings "设备写入完成,可以移除" is popped up. This means you are successful.

9.WARNING: because my hame MPR-A1 has been flashed to OpenWrt, so i don't test it.

Last, if someone has tested this, please feed me back no matter failed or successful.

Thank xajialuo from 恩山wifi论坛 for finding these tools.


LUCI runs very slowly with 16M SDRAM. Strongly recommend to upgrade the SDRAM to 32M


Uboot and openwrt firmwares of RT5350






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