cytofkit: an integrated flow/mass cytometry data analysis pipeline
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cytofkit: an integrated mass cytometry data analysis pipeline

NOTE: This is the development version of cytofkit package


This package is designed to facilitate the analysis workflow of mass cytometry data with automatic subset identification and mapping of cellular progression. Both command line and a GUI client are provided for executing the workflow easily.


1. Install R and Rstudio

If you have never used R, please install R and Rstudio following the steps below:

  • Download the proper R version for your operation system from R download page.

  • Double-click the downloaded R installation file, install with all the defaults.

  • Download the proper Rstudio version for your operation system from here.

  • Double-click the downloaded Rstudio installation file, install with all the defaults.

Special Notes for Mac Users

For Mac OS X 10.8 or later, you need to install XQuartz to support the GUI:

  • Download the disk image (dmg) file for XQuartz.

  • Open the dmg file by double-clicking on it, you'll find XQuartz.pkg, double-click on it to run the installer, clicking through all the defaults.

  • After the installer runs, you'll have to restart your mac computer.

2. Install cytofkit package

The offical and stable version, please refer to

Install the stable version from Bioconductor, use:

## try http:// if https:// URLs are not supported

Install this development version, use:

  install.packages("devtools") # If not already installed


After successfully installing the cytofkit package, run the following codes to open the cytofkit GUI:


Using the cytofkit shinyAPP to explore your analysis results:


Check the following vignettes for more details: