A fast window switcher for Windows using the keyboard.
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A fast window switcher for Windows using labeled windows.

FastWindowSwitcher is a window switcher/task switcher for Windows 7 and Windows 10. It is optimized for fast keyboard usage and can be used as an alternative for ALT-TAB.

How does it work?

  1. Look at the window title or taskbar button of the window you want to go next.
  2. Press the label hotkey (default Win-Y). Now all selectable window titles and taskbar buttons will be labeled with a key
  3. Press the desired key. This window is now selected.

FastWindowSwitcherExample Animation


  • Window switching with labels (keys)
  • No more Alt-Tabbing through a lot of open windows
  • Access every window via 'Shortcut + Key' no matter how many windows are open
  • Last used windows will be labeled with easy to press keys from the middle of the keyboard ('f','j',...)
  • Optimized for key board usage
  • Multi monitor support
  • Support for second panel under Windows 7 via Dual Monitor Taskbar
  • Works with Windows 7 and Windows 10
  • Portable: no installation needed, no changes to the system, no dependencies
  • Sourcecode check with static code analysis: PVS Studio, Cppcheck, VS Studio Code Analysis


Current Version


Unzip FastWindowSwitcher-xxxx.zip to any location. Run FastWindowSwitcher.exe. The default hotkey to show the labels is Win-Y (optimized for a German keyboard layout). The hotkey can be changed in the setting dialog. The settings dialog can be accessed by the tray icon context menu.



  • For easy access of the taskbar buttons the taskbutton grouping should be turned off in the Window panel settings.
  • It is not possible to click the labels with the mouse. FastWindowSwitcher is keyboard only.
  • If you want to start FastWindowSwitcher with Windows create a shortcut to FastWindowSwitcher.exe inside the Windows Autostart folder


FastWindowSwitcher is released under the GNU General Public License 3




Jochen Baier

Background/Similar programs

FastWindowSwitcher is based on the idea of vimfx/Vimium browser plug-ins to use a label to mark a location you want to go next. During development i found HerbiClicker, but i was not able to get this program into a working state.

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