A utility to test connectivity via Apache JServ Protocol (AJP)
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ajping README

is a utility that allows you to test connectivity to an application server running Apache JServ Protocol (AJP).


The build process for ajping was implemented with GNU autotools. If you're familiar with that process then compiling this program is pretty straight forward:

$ ./configure [options] $ make $ make install

If you pulled this code from Github, then you'll need to build the configure script. From the top level directory run this command:

$ utils/bootstrap

You should see output that looks like this:

  • aclocal
  • autoheader
  • automake --foreign --copy
  • autoconf
  • utils/manifier doc/ajping.pod doc/ajping.1.in AJP 1.3 ping utility 1

Now you can run the configure script.