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The SRPG Construction Kit

Please see Documentation.pdf for now!


The SRPGCK is comprised of two components: the SRPGCK Editor Scripts and the SRPGCK Library. The Editor Scripts are licensed under the LGPL, due to a dependency on the LGPL’d Sasa.Parsing library. The Library is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license. Since the source code of both the Editor Scripts and the Library are provided, Sasa.Parsing can be replaced with an interface-equivalent module, so I believe this conforms to the terms of the LGPL. Furthermore, since it is my understanding that editor scripts are linked into a separate assembly from game scripts, the LGPL’s linking requirement is not violated.

The Editor Scripts also make use of Daniele Giardini's HOEditorUndoManager.

Sasa.Parsing: Copyright (c) Sandro Magi. LGPL. HOEditorUndoManager.cs: Created by Daniele Giardini - 2011 - Holoville.

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