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The first release of Colony is called glider - after the smallest of the spaceships from Conway's Game of life.

glider implements the following features of the Colony Protocol as described in the Colony Whitepaper, and it will be continuously upgraded to implement new functionality.

Reputation, including the submission of reputation root hashes and dispute resolution amongst submitted hashes.

Bring your own token supports any colony to use an ERC20 token as a means of accounting for reputation.

Domains allow for the management of multiple token funding pots, with specialized reputation score according to domain and skill.

Modular Permissions allow for granular control over ability to interact with a colony at the domain level.

Payments and Tasks perform the secure transfer of funds (and reputation) as compensation for work done for the colony.

Rewards distribute periodically a set amount of revenue to all colony contributors, proportional to their contributions to the colony.

Importantly, there are some aspects of glider that, in their current implementation, require some amount of "trust" in the sense that they are not under fully decentralized/distributed control.

The Meta Colony is permissioned and controlled by the core contributors to the colonyNetwork repo, as are contract upgrades and maintenance

CLNY is currently locked for transfer beyond a whitelisted set of addresses

Domains are restricted to single-level within the root domain (nested domains are currently prohibited).

Tasks are partially in a "trusty" state, insofar as there is no dispute resolution system implemented at this time to handle work disputes. While Payments can be seen as trustful Tasks.

glider is deployed to mainnet at

ColonyNetwork: 0x5346D0f80e2816FaD329F2c140c870ffc3c3E2Ef