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This Yunohost package is intended to install every simple Django application on Yunohot.

It takes some inspiration from:


Install with:

sudo yunohost app install

The installer will ask you:

  • the repository of your application (can be local)
  • a user name and a password to create a Django admin
  • the name of the Django project


This was tested with:

sudo yunohost app install -f --debug /vagrant/django_app_ynh -a "domain=ynh.local&path=/&admin=admin&repo=/vagrant/tableau-des-permanences&project=mysite&email=yo@example.tld&passwd=pouetpouet"


The code in the repository of your application is supposed to contain:

  • a file requirements.txt
  • a file DjangoProjectName/ This file will be copied to DjangoProjectName/ and then modified (to not modify a versioned file). See the example for ... an example!

Under the hood

  • Gunicorn
  • tested with sqlite3
  • no link with the LDAP or Yunohost users
  • if you want a better name to the Yunohost tile you need to tweak name in manifest.json


  • changeurl
  • backup
  • restore
  • upgrade

Messy notes

Référencement des logs cf.

ynh_webpath_register ynh_add_nginx_config ynh_use_logrotate

ynh_remove_systemd_config ynh_remove_app_dependencies ynh_system_user_delete $app ynh_secure_remove "/var/log/$app/"

UPGRADE TODO: factorisation avec le install, faire un

  • git stash # ou pas si on veut un bon gros crash au cas où on a des modifs locales… au moins on sera au courant…
  • git pull
  • pip -r requirements.txt
  • migrate
  • collectstatic
  • reload service systemctl
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