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An opensource version of the retired ethbot service. Currently under development.

Setup for development / debugging

  • First of all you should get a domain name;
  • Create a bot via Telegram BotFather
    • Get the bot token;
    • Set bot domain via BotFather;
  • Clone this project and setup environment
    • Setup Python 3 (>= 3.6) environment;
    • Install requirements: pip install -r requirements.txt;
    • Copy the sample config file cp .env.example .env;
    • Edit .env file, fill in your config values;
  • Optionally you can run the test suite:
    • Install development requirements: pip install -r requirements-dev.txt;
    • Run tests: pytest -v;
  • Start
    • export;
    • quart run
  • Visit your domain and login with Telegram;

If you run this project on your local machine (e.g. when during development), you can use localtunnel or other alternatives to setup reverse proxy for your domain. Serveo is the recommended alternative.


The above instructions are only for development / testing purpose. Instructions for setting up a production instance will be available once the code is fully tested. (As you can see with pytest --cov=telepush --cov-report=html, the test coverage is not very high.)


Welcome. Please remember to write tests for added lines.

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