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The first back-end framework specially designed for single-page web applications.

Current status

Version 0.6.1 (latest):

Note: Despite being fully functional, synth is still in beta. It hasn't been fully tested in production and since it's in active development, implementation and interface details are likely to change.

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Synth is an API-first web app framework (built on NodeJS) that provides the following features:

  • Easily create new RESTful API resources by just creating folders and naming functions a certain way.
  • Preload angular model data on page load (saving an extra roundtrip).
  • Preload html view on page load (saving another extra roundtrip!)
  • A simplified project structure where front-end code (angular code, html, css, bower packages, etc) is in the 'front' folder and back-end code (node code and node packages) are in the 'back' folder.
  • A command-line tool for installing third party packages, using npm + bower, that auto-updates manifest files.
  • Auto compilation of assets on request for dev, and pre-compilation for prod (including minification and ng-annotate).
  • Auto-restarts the server when changes are detected.
  • Support for various back-end and front-end templates to help get a new project going quickly.

Documentation + Tutorial

For complete up-to-date documentation, tutorials, and example apps, check out


While Synth is an opinionated framework that provides everything you need to make a great web app, parts of it are available to be used by existing web apps:

  • synth-api – Easily generate a back-end JSON API for Express based on your app's directory structure.
  • synth-di – The dependency-injection library used by synth-api.
  • apiPrefetch.js - Used to take advantage of api prefetching on the front-end.
  • heroku-buildpack-synth - Use this buildpack to easily deploy Synth apps on Heroku or other compatible cloud hosting platforms.

Sample App

Blurbs Live Demo - Source




  • This project was created by Jon Abrams (Twitter | GitHub).
  • Thanks to Katie Lefevre for the logo.
  • Thanks to Stephen Ausman (aka stackd) for handing over control of the 'synth' package on NPM.


The first back-end framework specially designed for single-page web applications







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