Brackets extension for excluding folders from the file tree, find in files, and quick open.
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Brackets File Tree Exclude

Brackets extension for excluding folders and files from the file tree, find in files, and quick open. This means that the files will be completely invisible to Brackets (and thnakfully not count against the 30,000 file limit).

This is great for cache folders, distribution/build folders and files, and those package manager folders like node_modules and bower_components.

This is an updated version of Glenn Ruehle's now defunkt plugin - exclude-folders.


  1. Launch Brackets
  2. Select File > Extension Manager... or click the Lego icon in the toolbar
  3. Search for File Tree Exclude

If a manual install is more your thing (or it's missing from the registry):

  1. Click the "Install from URL..." button
  2. Paste (or enter) and click "Install"


Exclusions are defined globally by default inside the Brackets preferences file (Debug > Open preferences file).

Append or edit your configuration options there. (See below for example of defaults)

Or on a per project basis:

Create a .brackets.json in project root (it may already exist) and add your settings there.


Project config completely redefine exclusion rules from global config.

Configuration defaults

	"jwolfe.file-tree-exclude.list": [

How it Matches

Matches are done via the default matching system in Brackets along with Minimatch.