A MythTV MythMovies data provider for Google Movies. Useful for the UK as no other providers exist.
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GoogleMovies.pl is a dataprovider for the MythTV MythMovies movie times listing plugin.

It uses the google.com/movies data, which is pretty much worldwide. This is useful because the default MythMovies dataprovider only works in the US.

Google have a habit of changing the page layout about once a month, so you'll probably need to download a new version of this script from time to time. If you feel adventurous, set up a git pull on a daily cronjob for uninterrupted use.


  1. Drop the perl script somewhere on your MythTV machine.
  2. chmod +x googlemovies.pl
  3. In the MythMovies settings change the path to the script, make sure you leave the %z after the script path. It should look something like '/usr/local/bin/googlemovies.pl %z' when you finish.
  4. Enter your postcode, or a city name in the location box.
  5. Done!