Discovering Lagrangians automatically from data
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Flow project code and data

This repository contains code and data to replicate the results in the paper "An algorithm for discovering Lagrangians automatically from data" by D.J.A. Hills, A.M. Grütter, and J.J. Hudson (JonyEpsilon).

Restricted polynomial search

The code is written in Mathematica and can be found in the nb sub-directory. To run it, first open ELSolver.nb and run all of the cells therein. Then look at EL examples.nb and work through the examples presented in the paper.

General expression search (symbolic regression)

The code is written in Clojure. Follow the getting started instructions for Gorilla REPL . Once you have Gorilla REPL installed, then execute lein gorilla from the project directory, open the worksheet ws\pendulum.clj and run the code therein.


The data used for the experiments is generated in EL examples.nb and can be found in the data subdirectory.


The code is licensed to you under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.