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Avatar Redirect


Redirects to a user's profile picture on any of the supported social networks.

Currently supported:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Skype

Looking for an easy way to plug this service into React? Check out react-avatar.


JorgenEvens on Twitter


Google App Engine

Requires the Google Cloud SDK to be installed

Modify any of the settings in the app.yaml file.

gcloud config set project <project-id>
gcloud app deploy


Push this repository to a Heroku app or use the Deploy to Heroku button.



Each avatar URL follows the same base format which is <base-url>/<network-name>/<user-name>, for Twitter this would be

If you are simply trying to show an avatar that would look something like this in HTML:

<img src=""
    alt="JorgenEvens on Twitter" />


The app is configured using environment variables which you either add to your app.yaml file or set using the Heroku CLI / Dashboard.

Environment variable Description Default value
REDIS_URL connectionString used to connect to a Redis cache undefined
MEMCACHE_URL connectionString used to connect to a Memcache instance undefined
TTL_PROFILE_PICTURE The duration for which the picture URL is cached in ms 3600000 (1 hour)
NETWORKS The social networks available to this deployment, if no value is set all are enabled. undefined
LIMIT_REFERER A regular expression matched against the Referer header. If the Referer does not match a 401 Unauthorized will be returned. undefined
LOG_FORMAT A valid log format as specified in the morgan documentation "combined"


I really appreciate any contribution you would like to make, so don't hesitate to report an issue or submit pull requests.

About me

Hi, my name is Jorgen Evens. By day I built things (mainly in PHP and JavaScript) for Ambassify and by night I tinker around with these kinds of projects.