Python Toolkit for interfacing with the Varisense VMU931.
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Variense VMU931 Toolkit

This project aims at implementing a pure-python VMU931 toolkit, including both parsing and communication with the Variense VMU931 Device.

The VMU931 is a high resolution, USB-based accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer made by Variense. Please note that this library is unofficial, and is not produced/endorsed by Variense.

So far, basic processing of all outputs is supported: Quaternion, Euler Angles, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope and Heading. These outputs can be controlled using the set_* methods, or by pasing in flags to the VMU931Parser constructor. Status messages are parsed, allowing setting rather than toggling of different data streams. The toolkit does not currently support self-test or callibration functionality.

Basic usage is as follows:

with VMU931Parser(device="/dev/tty.usbmodem1411", euler=True, accelerometer=True) as vp:
    for n in range(100): # Print 100 datapoints
        packet = vp.parse()

vp.parse() also supports a callback argument, which is a function to be run on each incoming packet.

For more examples, please see the examples/ directory.