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Library to help reading and writing CSV files
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A library for reading and writing CSV files. Extremely fast, flexible, and easy to use. Supports reading and writing of custom class objects.


Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package CsvHelper

.NET CLI Console

> dotnet add package CsvHelper


Building the Documentation

  1. Install node.js.
  2. Go into the CsvHelper/docs-src folder.
  3. Run npm start to start a local test site. Make any changes needed.
  4. Run npm run build to build the documentation files that are output to CsvHelper/docs.


Dual licensed

Microsoft Public License (MS-PL)

Apache License, Version 2.0


Want to contribute? Great! Here are a few guidelines.

  1. If you want to do a feature, post an issue about the feature first. Some features are intentionally left out, some features may already be in the works, or I may have some advice on how I think it should be done. I would feel bad if time was spent on some code that won't be used.
  2. If you want to do a bug fix, it might not be a bad idea to post about it too. I've had the same bug fixed by multiple people at the same time before.
  3. All code should have a unit test. If you make a feature, there should be significant tests around the feature. If you do a bug fix, there should be a test specific to that bug so it doesn't happen again.
  4. Pull requests should have a single commit. If you have multiple commits, squash them into a single commit before requesting a pull.
  5. Try and follow the code styling already in place. If you have ReSharper there is a dotsettings file included and things should automatically be formatted for you.



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