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This app is come from this project :

It's a getway to whatsapp from jabber. It's very usefull for a user how use whatsapp and don't want to use the official client.

Warning : the source code of this app is free but the (whatsapp) network is not free.


With the install option from admin panel

or from command line sudo yunohost app install

How to

Install app :-)

Get whatsapp password

You can get whatsapp password on anywhere linux machin.

put this command :

cd yowsup-2.4
chmod u+x yowsup-cli
./yowsup-cli registration -p your-full-phone-number -C country-code -r sms
./yowsup-cli registration -p your-full-phone-number -C country-code -R no-of-code-recived-with-last-command

Your full phone number including the country code you defined in 'cc', without preceeding '+' or '00' For country code. See Save the whatsapp code for next step

Configure with pidgin

Enable discovery service plugin in pidgin. Go do discovery service. Search service name "TransWhat" Clic on register Put your phone number and password (got from last step).