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This is a training project. Feel free to help me improving this by sending Pull requests

How to use it ?

  • Download files or clone this repository
  • Run composer install
  • Create your PHPresentation in index.php file
  • Run the PHP Internal server in ~/PHPresentation php -S localhost:8000
  • Open http://localhost:8000 in your favorite browser

Why PHPresentation ?

This is a training project to improve my design pattern skills and PHP knowledge. I will be happy if you can help me in this quest. PHPresentation can be used if you have a presentation to do and you don't have so much time to create it. It's easy, fast and pretty (for me it is)

What does it use ?

  • PHP as main language
  • HTML/CSS for rendering in addition to Twig for templating
  • PHPUnit for testing (when it will be done, sorry)


require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use PHPresentation\PHPresentation;
use PHPresentation\Utils\Paginator;

$presentation = new PHPresentation();
$presentation->name('PHPresentation name');

Your presentation here

$paginator = new Paginator($presentation);


You can find the minimalist documentation here : PHPresentation docs website


This is not even the first release. I have much things to do before a v1.0.0. I have a Project to help me on Github

PHPresentation will be improved each week.

You can also visit my website

Last thing : Sorry for my english writing skill...