Handbuch Jugend-Hackathons
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Handbuch Jugend-Hackathons

CC-BY 4.0 Paula Glaser, Maria Reimer, Daniel Seitz für Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V. und mediale pfade.org – Verein für Medienbildung e.V.

Gefördert durch die Jugend- und Familienstiftung des Landes Berlin im Rahmen des Jugend-Demokratiefonds Berlin. Diese Förderung bedeutet nicht zwangsläufig, dass die Stiftung den Ergebnissen und Aussagen des Textes zustimmt.

Hier geht es zur Webseite des Handbuchs.

How to add translations

Let's say you would like to translate the manual to english. (en)

  • Move all transalted chapters to /_chapters_en
  • Edit _config.yml:
    • add a new collection: chapters_en (just copy the entries for 'de' and replace 'de' with 'en')
    • add new defaults for chapters_en )(just copy the entries for 'de' and replace 'de' with 'en')
  • create an index file ("index_en.md")
    • add metadata at the beginning of the file like this :
      		layout: complete
      		title:	my manual title
      		language: en
    • Use 'complete' to render all chapters into one view with table of contents on the left (there is no other layout at the moment)
    • Any content of the index file will be rendered on the bottom left of the screen (very little space over there)

How to add chapters

  • Find the directory for your language (e.g. /chapters_en)
  • Add a markdown file (.md) to that directory or any subdirectory
  • Add metadata to that file like this:
	title: 		"About us"
	number: 	"1.1"
* You must use a chapter number!
* Chapter number can have a depth of up to four ("w.x.y.z") w, x, y, z can be any numbers.
* You can add empty chapters (only metadata, no contents) to generate extra Headings. (Can be useful if a chapter starts with a subchapter)
* You can also add type: "excursion". Excursions should have a chapter number that may coincide with another chapter. In that case the excursion will be rendered right after the matching chapter.