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@title Variant macros
@indexitem A_DEF_P
@indexitem A_DEF_OPT_P
@indexitem A_DEF_VARARGS_P
@indexitem A_VAR_P
@indexitem A_EMPTY_CONST_P
@indexitem A_CLASS_P
@indexitem A_CLASS_PRIV_P
<p>Many macros that are used in module definitions have variants with an
additional _P suffix. These variants always take a single additional argument,
of type int *. When the module is imported and before calling Main, a numeric
identifier is stored in
that location that can be used to refer to the defined entity efficiently.
The pointer argument must point to a global variable defined in the current
compilation unit. The _P macro variants behave otherwise identically to the
ordinary macros.
@h2 Example
<p>The _P variant macros are provided for convenience and efficiency reasons.
For example, they can be used to
access data related to a global definition more efficiently than by using the
name of the definition. Consider this implementation of a trivial
function that returns the value of a global variable:
static AValue GetValue(AThread *t, AValue *frame)
return AGlobal(t, "example::Variable");
A_MODULE(example, "example")
A_DEF("GetValue", 0, 0, GetValue)
<p>The function GetValue can be implemented more efficiently with the help of a
A_VAR_P macro:
static int VariableNum;
static AValue GetValue(AThread *t, AValue *frame)
return AGlobalByNum(VariableNum);
A_MODULE(example, "example")
A_VAR_P("Variable", &amp;VariableNum)
A_DEF("GetValue", 0, 0, GetValue)
<p>The potentially costly call to @ref{AGlobal} in GetValue was
replaced with the much faster @ref{AGlobalByNum} call. It should be noted
that the same effect can be achieved, though not as elegantly, by defining a
Main function for the module and initializing VariableNum in this function
using @ref{AGetGlobalNum}.
@h2 Variant macros for global definitions
<p>The following variant macros are available for global definitions:
<p>The numeric identifier initialized by these macros can be used to access the
defined global value using @ref{AGlobalByNum} and @ref{ASetGlobalByNum}.
@h2 Variant macros for member definitions
<p>The following variant macros are available for member definitions within
class definitions:
<p>In these cases, the stored numeric identifier refers to the physical member
slot that can be accessed using @ref{AMemberDirect} and @ref{ASetMemberDirect}.
Read the descriptions of these functions carefully, since using these functions
can be dangerous!
@h2 Variant macro A_BINARY_DATA_P
<p>The A_BINARY_DATA_P variant stores the binary data offset that
can be used as an argument for @ref{ADataPtr}, @ref{ASetData_M} and
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