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Julia plugin for the IntelliJ Platform

This is a work in progress, some features are implemented partially, there may be performance and stability problems.

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Installation & Usage

Install IntelliJ IDEA (or other JetBrains IDEs), open Settings | Plugins | Browse repositories, install Julia plugin, and create a Julia project.

For detailed use instruction, visit:
To download a nightly build (buggy!), visit .
To learn about the test summery, visit .

Video Instructions




Refactoring and Editing

Package Manager


VarInfo (Workspace)

Debugger (nightly-build)

based on DebuggerFramework and ASTInterpreter2

Debugger Usage Documentation

Compatible IDEs

The plugin is compatible with any IntelliJ based IDE starting from 2016.1. If you don't have any yet, try IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, it's free.


If you don't like JetBrains IDE, turn right and search JuliaPro or Juno.

If you search GitHub with "Julia IntelliJ" (data collected at 2018/1/28 (YYYY/M/DD)), you'll find 4 related repositories:

  • snefru/juliafy (incomplete syntax highlight, SDK management, file recognizing, only support MacOS)
  • sysint64/intellij-julia (this only recognize your file as a Julia file, and do nothing else)
  • satamas/julia-plugin (ditto)
  • JuliaEditorSupport/julia-intellij (too many features, can't list here)

Now you know your choice 😉


You're encouraged to contribute to the plugin in any form if you've found any issues or missing functionality that you'd want to see. Check out to learn how to setup the project and contributing guidelines.