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Metadata for registered Julia packages.
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.test Test: diagnostics output during each stage of testing
ASCIIPlots Tag ASCIIPlots v0.0.3
AWS Tag AWS v0.1.9
AbstractDomains Register AbstractDomains
AffineTransforms Tag AffineTransforms v0.0.5
AnsiColor Update git URL to git://
AppleAccelerate Register AppleAccelerate: v0.1.0
ApproxFun Update ApproxFun.jl url
Arduino Tag Arduino v0.1.2
ArgParse Tag ArgParse v0.2.10
Arrowhead Tag Arrowhead v0.0.1
AudioIO Tag AudioIO v0.1.1
AuditoryFilters Renamed from Auditory -> AuditoryFilters
Autoreload Tag Autoreload v0.2.0
AverageShiftedHistograms Tag AverageShiftedHistograms v0.1.0
BDF Tag BDF v0.0.5
BEncode Tag BEncode v0.1.1
BSplines Tag BSplines v0.0.3
BackpropNeuralNet Register BackpropNeuralNet: v0.0.1, v0.0.2, v0.0.3
BayesNets Tag BayesNets v0.1.0
Bebop Deprecate Bebop
Benchmark Tag Benchmark v0.1.0
BenchmarkLite Tag BenchmarkLite v0.1.2
BinDeps Tag BinDeps v0.3.11
BioSeq Switch from deprecated 'tty_rows' to 'tty_size'
BiomolecularStructures Register BiomolecularStructures: v0.0.1
Biryani Tag Biryani v0.2.0
BlackBoxOptim Register BlackBoxOptim
Blink Tag Blink v0.1.4
Blocks Update other URLs that have redirections
BloomFilters Tag BloomFilters v0.1.1
Blosc Tag Blosc v0.1.2
BlossomV Tag BlossomV v0.0.1
Bokeh Tag Bokeh v0.1.0
Boltzmann Update other URLs that have redirections
Bootstrap Tag Bootstrap v0.1.1
BoundingBoxes BoundingBoxes moved to voxel8
Brownian Bump Brownian
CLFFT Tag CLFFT v0.1.0
CPLEX Tag CPLEX v0.0.13
CPUTime Tag CPUTime v0.0.2
CRC Tag CRC v1.0.0
CRC32 Tag CRC32 v0.0.2
CRF Tag CRF v0.1.1
CUDA move CUDA to JuliaGPU
CUDArt Tag CUDArt v0.1.0
CUFFT Tag CUFFT v0.0.2
Cairo Tag Cairo v0.2.26
Calculus Tag Calculus v0.1.7
Calendar tag Calendar 0.4.2
Cartesian Tag Cartesian v0.3.0
CasaCore Tag CasaCore v0.0.2
Catalan Tag Catalan v0.0.3
CauseMap Tag CauseMap v0.0.3
Cbc Tag Cbc v0.1.6
ChainedVectors Bump ChainedVectors.jl
ChaosCommunications Tag ChaosCommunications v0.0.1
ChemicalKinetics Tag ChemicalKinetics v0.1.0
Church Tag Church v0.0.1
CirruParser Tag CirruParser v0.0.2
Clang Tag Clang v0.0.5
Cliffords Tag Cliffords v0.2.2
Clp Tag Clp v0.0.9
ClusterManagers Tag ClusterManagers v0.0.4
Clustering Tag Clustering v0.3.3
Codecs Tag Codecs v0.1.4
CoinOptServices Tag CoinOptServices v0.0.4
Color Tag Color v0.4.4
ColorBrewer Tag ColorBrewer v0.1.1
Combinatorics Tag Combinatorics v0.1.2
CommonCrawl Bump CommonCrawl.jl
Compat Tag Compat v0.3.8
CompilerOptions Tag CompilerOptions v0.1.0
Compose Tag Compose v0.3.11
CompressedSensing Update URL for CompressedSensing
ConfParser added requires files
ConfidenceWeighted Tag ConfidenceWeighted v0.0.2
ContinuedFractions Added ContinuedFractions package
Contour Tag Contour v0.0.6
Convex Tag Convex v0.0.4
CoreNLP Register CoreNLP
CorpusTools Fix typo in url
CovarianceMatrices Tag CovarianceMatrices v0.0.2
Coverage Tag Coverage v0.0.8
CoverageBase Tag CoverageBase v0.0.3
Cpp Tag Cpp v0.1.0
CrossDecomposition Tag CrossDecomposition v0.0.1
Crypto Add Crypto, a general-purpose crypto library
Cubature Tag Cubature v1.0.5
Curl Deprecate Curl.jl in favour of LibCURL.jl
CurveFit Register CurveFit: v0.0.1
DASSL Fix error introduced in #2040
DCEMRI bump DCEMRI to v0.1.1
DICOM Tag DICOM v0.0.1
DSP Tag DSP v0.0.8
DWARF Changed my username loladiro -> Keno
DataArrays Tag DataArrays v0.2.13
DataFrames Tag DataFrames v0.6.4
DataFramesMeta DataFramesMeta: bump version (0.0.1)
DataStructures Tag DataStructures v0.3.8
Dates Tag new Dates 0.3 version
Datetime Bump Dates/Datetime for transition of Dates into Base. Closes #1268
Debug Tag Debug v0.1.2
DecisionTree Tag DecisionTree v0.3.6
DeclarativePackages Tag DeclarativePackages v0.0.7
DevIL Register DevIL: v0.1.0, v0.2.0, v0.2.1, v0.2.2
Devectorize Tag Devectorize v0.4.1
DictFiles Tag DictFiles v0.0.2
DictUtils Tag DictUtils v0.0.2
Dierckx Tag Dierckx v0.1.4
Digits Tag Digits v0.0.2
DimensionalityReduction Tag DimensionalityReduction v0.1.2
DirichletProcessMixtures Tag DirichletProcessMixtures v0.0.1
DiscreteFactor Update sha1
Discretizers Tag Discretizers v0.0.1
Distance Put upper bounds on all Distance.jl versions
Distances Tag Distances v0.2.0
DistributedArrays Tag DistributedArrays v0.1.0
Distributions Tag Distributions v0.7.1
Diversity Tag Diversity v0.2.3
DocOpt Tag DocOpt v0.0.2
Docile Tag Docile v0.4.11
Docker Remove newlines
DoubleDouble Tag DoubleDouble v0.1.0
DualNumbers Tag DualNumbers v0.1.3
DustExtinction change URL to JuliaAstro
Dynare Tag Dynare v0.0.1
ECOS Tag ECOS v0.4.1
ELF Changed my username loladiro -> Keno
ERFA tag ERFA v0.1.0
EconDatasets Tag EconDatasets v0.0.2
ElasticFDA Tag ElasticFDA v0.0.2
Elliptic bump Calendar, Cosmology, Elliptic
Elly Update Elly.jl url. It is now in JuliaParallel.
EmpiricalRisks Tag EmpiricalRisks v0.2.3
ErrorFreeTransforms Register ErrorFreeTransforms
Etcd Tag Etcd v0.0.1
Evolutionary Register Evolutionary: v0.1.0
Example Tag Example v0.4.1
ExcelReaders Tag ExcelReaders v0.2.0
Expect Add Expect v0.1.0
ExpressionUtils Change https urls to git
ExtremelyRandomizedTrees Tag ExtremelyRandomizedTrees v0.0.5
FLANN Tag FLANN v0.0.2
FactCheck Tag FactCheck v0.2.6
FactorModels Add LARS to requires for FactorModels
FastAnonymous Tag FastAnonymous v0.2.0
FastArrayOps Tag FastArrayOps v0.1.0
FastaIO Tag FastaIO v0.1.3
FileFind Bump FileFind SHA1
FinancialMarkets Tag FinancialMarkets v0.1.1
FiniteStateMachine Update other URLs that have redirections
FixedPoint add renamed FixedPointNumbers package
FixedPointNumbers Tag FixedPointNumbers v0.0.7
Fixtures Tag Fixtures v0.0.2
Fontconfig Register Fontconfig: v0.0.1
Formatting Tag Formatting v0.1.2
ForwardDiff Bump ForwardDiff
FoundationDB Tag FoundationDB.jl version 0.3.1
FreeType Tag FreeType v1.0.0
FunctionalCollections Change git url for FunctionalCollections
FunctionalData Tag FunctionalData v0.0.10
FunctionalDataUtils Tag FunctionalDataUtils v0.0.5
FunctionalUtils Change https urls to git
GARCH Tag GARCH v0.1.2
GLAbstraction changed url because the packages got moved to JuliaGL
GLFW Tag GLFW v1.0.0-alpha.4
GLM Tag GLM v0.4.5
GLMNet Tag GLMNet v0.0.3
GLPK Tag GLPK v0.2.14
GLPKMathProgInterface Tag GLPKMathProgInterface v0.1.13
GLPlot Tag GLPlot v0.0.5
GLText changed url because the packages got moved to JuliaGL
GLUT Tag GLUT v0.4.0
GLWindow changed url because the packages got moved to JuliaGL
GR Merge pull request #2263 from jheinen/metadata-v2
GSL Tag GSL v0.1.2
GZip Tag GZip v0.2.15
Gadfly Tag Gadfly v0.3.11
Gaston Bump Gaston v0.0.0
GaussianMixtures Tag GaussianMixtures v0.0.6
GeneticAlgorithms Tag GeneticAlgorithms v0.0.3
GeoIP Tag GeoIP v0.2.0
GeoJSON tag GeoJSON v0.0.2
GeoStats Tag GeoStats v0.0.1
GeoStatsImages Tag GeoStatsImages v0.0.1
Geodesy Update other URLs that have redirections
GeometricalPredicates Update url
GetC Tag GetC v1.1.1
Gettext Tag Gettext v0.1.0
GibbsSeaWater Tag GibbsSeaWater v0.0.2
GitHub Tag GitHub v0.0.6
Glob Tag Glob v1.0.1
GnuTLS Tag GnuTLS v0.0.4
GoogleCharts Tag GoogleCharts v0.0.7
GradientBoost Tag GradientBoost v0.0.1
GraphCentrality Update url
GraphLayout Tag GraphLayout v0.2.0
GraphViz Tag GraphViz v0.0.3
Graphics Tag Graphics v0.1.0
Graphs Tag Graphs v0.5.4
Grid Tag Grid v0.3.8
GtkSourceWidget Register GtkSourceWidget
Gumbo Tag Gumbo v0.1.2
Gurobi Tag Gurobi v0.1.26
HDF5 Fix HDF5 0.4.13 commit
HDFS Tag HDFS v0.1.0
HTTP Deprecated HTTP - reason: abandoned
HTTPClient Update JuliaWeb urls
Hadamard Tag Hadamard v0.1.2
Helpme Tag Helpme v0.0.13
HexEdit added requires files
Hexagons Tag Hexagons v0.0.3
HiRedis rename package to HiRedis
Hinton Tag Hinton v0.1.0
Homebrew Tag Homebrew v0.1.14
HopfieldNets Add HopfieldNets package
HttpParser Tag HttpParser v0.0.11
HttpServer Tag HttpServer v0.0.11
Humanize Tag Humanize v0.3.0
HyperDualNumbers Bumped to v0.1.6
HyperLogLog Put 0.4 max version on HyperLogLog to move people on to StreamStats.jl
HypothesisTests Tag HypothesisTests v0.2.9
ICU tag ICU v0.4.4
IDXParser Register IDXParser: v0.0.1, v0.1.0
IJulia Tag IJulia v0.2.3
IPNets Tag IPNets v0.1.5
IPPCore Tag IPPCore v0.2.1
IPPDSP Register IPPDSP: v0.0.1
IProfile Tag IProfile v0.3.1
ImageQuilting Tag ImageQuilting v0.1.1
ImageView Tag ImageView v0.1.13
Images Tag Images v0.4.36
ImmutableArrays Tag ImmutableArrays v0.0.6
IndexedArrays Register IndexedArrays: v0.0.1
InformedDifferentialEvolution Tag InformedDifferentialEvolution v0.0.4
IniFile tag IniFile v0.2.4
InplaceOps Tag InplaceOps v0.0.4
Interact Tag Interact v0.1.6
Interpolations Tag Interpolations v0.0.1
IntervalTrees Register IntervalTrees: v0.0.1, v0.0.2
Ipopt Tag Ipopt v0.1.14
Isotonic Register Isotonic and tag v0.0.1
IterationManagers Register IterationManagers: v0.0.1
IterativeSolvers Register IterativeSolvers
Iterators Tag Iterators v0.1.7
Ito Tag Ito v0.0.2
JFVM Update url
JLDArchives Tag JLDArchives v0.0.5
JPLEphemeris Tag JPLEphemeris v0.2.1
JSON Tag JSON v0.4.3
Jacobi Tag Jacobi v0.1.0
Jags Update both Stan & Jags to v"0.2.0"
JavaCall Tag JavaCall v0.2.2
JellyFish update sha1 to latest commit
Jewel Tag Jewel v1.0.4
JointMoments Tag JointMoments v0.2.5
JuMP Tag JuMP v0.9.0
JuMPChance Tag JuMPChance v0.1.1
JuMPeR Tag JuMPeR v0.1.1
JudyDicts bumped JudyDicts sha1
JuliaParser Tag JuliaParser v0.6.2
JuliaWebRepl Deprecate JuliaWebRepl
JulieTest Tag JulieTest v0.0.2
KLDivergence Added the KLDivergence package
KShiftsClustering Register KShiftsClustering: v0.0.1, v0.0.2, v0.0.3
KernSmooth Tag KernSmooth v0.0.3
KernelDensity Tag KernelDensity v0.1.0
KernelEstimator Tag KernelEstimator v0.1.2
KyotoCabinet Register KyotoCabinet
LARS Tag LARS v0.0.2
LLLplus Tag LLLplus v0.0.1
LMDB Tag LMDB v0.0.2
LNR Tag LNR v0.0.1
LRUCache Tag LRUCache v0.0.1
LaTeX Tag LaTeX v0.0.1
LaTeXStrings Tag LaTeXStrings v0.1.2
LambertW Tag LambertW v0.0.4
Languages Add Languages v0.0.1
Lasso Tag Lasso v0.0.2
LatexPrint Register LatexPrint
Lazy Tag Lazy v0.8.3
LazySequences Fix typo
Lens Tag Lens v0.0.1
LevelDB Tag LevelDB v1.0.1
Lexicon Tag Lexicon v0.1.7
LibBSON Tag LibBSON v0.1.4
LibCURL Tag LibCURL v0.1.5
LibGit2 Tag LibGit2 v0.3.8
LibTrading Tag LibTrading v0.0.1
LightGraphs Tag LightGraphs v0.1.12
LightXML Tag LightXML v0.1.11
LineEdit Changed my username loladiro -> Keno
LinearLeastSquares Tag LinearLeastSquares v0.0.10
LinearMaps Tag LinearMaps v0.1.1
Lint Tag Lint v0.1.67
Loess Tag Loess v0.0.3
LogParser Tag LogParser v0.1.0
Logging Tag Logging v0.1.1
Lora Bump MCMC
Loss Tag Loss v0.0.1
LowDimNearestNeighbors Tag LowDimNearestNeighbors v0.0.1
LsqFit Tag LsqFit v0.0.1
Lumberjack Tag Lumberjack v0.0.4
Lumira tagged version 0.0.2
MAT Tag MAT v0.2.11
MATLABCluster Tag MATLABCluster v0.0.1
MCMC Remove old MCMC, in favour of new MCMC
MDCT Tag MDCT v0.0.1
MDPs Tag MDPs v0.0.1
MFCC Tag MFCC v0.0.1
MLBase Tag MLBase v0.5.1
MNIST Add MNIST v0.0.1
MPFI Tag MPFI v0.0.1
MPI Tag MPI v0.2.6
MUMPS Update other URLs that have redirections
MachO Changed my username loladiro -> Keno
MachineLearning Tag MachineLearning v0.0.3
Mamba Tag Mamba v0.4.7
ManifoldLearning Register ManifoldLearning: v0.1.0
MapLight Tag MapLight v0.0.2
Markdown Tag Markdown v0.2.1
MarketData Tag MarketData v0.2.2
MarketTechnicals Tag MarketTechnicals v0.3.4
MathProgBase Tag MathProgBase v0.3.11
Mathematica Tag Mathematica v0.1.1
MatlabCompat Register MatlabCompat: v0.0.1
MatpowerCases Tag MatpowerCases v0.1.0
MatrixDepot Tag MatrixDepot v0.2.5
MatrixMarket Tag MatrixMarket v0.0.1
MeCab Tag MeCab v0.1.2
Meddle Tag Meddle v0.0.6
Memcache Tag Memcache v0.0.1
Memoize Bump Memoize sha1
Meshes Update other URLs that have redirections
MessageUtils Update URLs for MessageUtils and ClusterManagers.
MetaTools Tag MetaTools v0.0.1
MetadataTools Tag MetadataTools v0.1.0
Metis Tag Metis v0.0.6
MinimalPerfectHashes Tag MinimalPerfectHashes v0.1.2
MixedModels Tag MixedModels v0.3.21
MixtureModels Change https urls to git
Mocha Tag Mocha v0.0.7
ModernGL Tag ModernGL v0.0.5
MolecularDynamics Tag MolecularDynamics v0.1.3
Monads Deprecate packages
Mongo Tag Mongo v0.1.3
Mongrel2 Bump Mongrel2 sha
Mosek Tag Mosek v0.1.4
MsgPack Tag MsgPack v0.0.2
MultiNest Tag MultiNest v0.2.0
MultiPoly Register MultiPoly: v0.0.1
Multirate Tag Multirate v0.0.2
MultivariateStats Tag MultivariateStats v0.2.0
Murmur3 Tag Murmur3 v0.1.0
Mustache Tag Mustache v0.0.9
MutableStrings Mutable string types for Julia
NFFT Tag NFFT v0.0.2
NHST Rename Stats to StatsBase
NIDAQ Tag NIDAQ v0.0.2
NIfTI Tag NIfTI v0.0.4
NLopt Tag NLopt v0.2.1
NLreg Tag NLreg v0.1.1
NLsolve Tag NLsolve v0.3.0
NMEA added requires files
NMF Tag NMF v0.2.4
NPZ bump CRC32, ZipFile, NPZ
NURBS Register NURBS: v0.0.1
NaNMath Tag NaNMath v0.0.2
NaiveBayes Register NaiveBayes: v0.1.0
Named Reset all packages to pre-release version v0.
NamedArrays Tag NamedArrays v0.4.3
Neovim Tag Neovim v0.0.1
NetCDF Tag NetCDF v0.2.1
Nettle Tag Nettle v0.1.8
NeuralynxNCS Tag NeuralynxNCS v0.0.1
NumFormat limit all NumFormat tagged versions up to 0.4-
NumericExtensions Tag NumericExtensions v0.6.2
OAuth Tag OAuth v0.0.2
ODE Tag ODE v0.1.2
OSC Tag OSC v0.0.1
ObjectiveC Register ObjectiveC
OffsetArrays Register OffsetArrays
OpenGL Tag OpenGL v2.0.3
OpenSecrets Tag OpenSecrets v0.0.1
OpenSlide Register OpenSlide: v0.0.1
OpenStreetMap Tag OpenStreetMap v0.7.0
Optim Tag Optim v0.4.1
OptimPack Register OptimPack: v0.1.0, v0.1.1, v0.1.2
Options Cap julia version in older Options releases
Orchestra Tag Orchestra v0.0.5
PDMats Tag PDMats v0.3.3
PEGParser Update url
PGFPlots Tag PGFPlots v1.2.1
PGM Tag PGM v0.0.1
PLX Tag PLX v0.0.4
PTools Update PTools SHA1
PValueAdjust Tag PValueAdjust v2.0.0
Pandas Tag Pandas v0.2.0
Patchwork Tag Patchwork v0.1.3
PatternDispatch Tag PatternDispatch v0.0.2
Pcap adding requires for Pcap
PdbTool Add requires file for PdbTool
Pedigrees Register Pedigrees: v0.0.1
Permutations Register Permutations: v0.0.1
Phylogenetics Tag Phylogenetics v0.0.2
PicoSAT Register PicoSAT: v0.1.0
PiecewiseIncreasingRanges Tag PiecewiseIncreasingRanges v0.0.3
Playground Tag Playground v0.0.1
Plotly Tag Plotly v0.0.3
PolarFact Tag PolarFact v0.0.5
Polynomial Tag Polynomial v0.1.1
Polynomials Tag Polynomials v0.0.3
PowerSeries Tag PowerSeries v0.1.12
Processing Register Processing
ProfileView Tag ProfileView v0.0.10
ProgressMeter Tag ProgressMeter v0.1.3
ProjectTemplate Add ProjectTemplate v0.0.1
ProjectiveDictionaryPairLearning Tag ProjectiveDictionaryPairLearning v0.3.3
PropertyGraph Tag PropertyGraph v0.1.0
ProtoBuf Tag ProtoBuf v0.1.0
PublicSuffix Julia Interface for working with the Public Suffix List at http://pub…
PyLexYacc Tag PyLexYacc v0.0.2
PyPlot Tag PyPlot v1.5.3
PySide Tag PySide v0.0.2
QuDirac Tag QuDirac v0.1.1
Quandl Tag Quandl v0.4.1
QuantEcon Tag QuantEcon v0.1.0
Quaternions Tag Quaternions v0.0.4
QuickCheck METADATA urls are standardised as git://
QuickShiftClustering Tag QuickShiftClustering v0.0.5
RCall Tag RCall v0.2.0
RDF Update URL for RDF
RDatasets Tag RDatasets v0.1.2
REPL Changed my username loladiro -> Keno
REPLCompletions Tag REPLCompletions v0.0.3
RaggedArrays Adding RaggedArrays
Rainflow Tag Rainflow v0.0.1
RandomMatrices Tag RandomMatrices v0.1.0
RationalExtensions Create url
RdRand Fix RdRand url. (#325)
React Move React and Interact to JuliaLang org
Reactive Tag Reactive v0.1.10
Redis Register Redis: v0.0.1
Reel Tag Reel v0.1.0
Reexport Tag Reexport v0.0.2
RegERMs move url of RegERMs to JuliaStats
Regression Tag Regression v0.3.0
Requests Tag Requests v0.0.8
Requires Tag Requires v0.1.1
Resampling Bump Resampling SHA1
ReverseDiffOverload Tag ReverseDiffOverload v0.0.1
ReverseDiffSource Tag ReverseDiffSource v0.1.3
ReverseDiffSparse Tag ReverseDiffSparse v0.2.7
Rif Tag Rif v0.0.12
Rmath Deprecate Rmath - reason: no longer needed
RobotOS Tag RobotOS v0.2.1
RobustShortestPath Register RobustShortestPath, TrafficAssignment
RobustStats Create sha1
RomanNumerals Tag RomanNumerals v0.1.0
Roots Tag Roots v0.1.13
RunTests Tag RunTests v0.0.3
SCS Tag SCS v0.0.3
SDE Tag SDE v0.3.1
SDL Tag SDL v0.1.5
SFML Tag SFML v0.0.2
SGDOptim Tag SGDOptim v0.2.2
SIUnits Tag SIUnits v0.0.2
SMTPClient Update JuliaWeb urls
SQLite Bump SQLite
SVM Tag SVM v0.0.1
Sampling correct the url for Sampling.jl
SaveREPL Register SaveREPL: v0.0.1
SemidefiniteProgramming Update SemidefiniteProgramming
ShapeModels Tag ShapeModels v0.0.3
Shapefile Tag Shapefile v0.0.2
ShowSet Tag ShowSet v0.0.1
Showoff Tag Showoff v0.0.4
SignedDistanceFields Register SignedDistanceFields
Silo Register Silo: v0.1.0
SimJulia Tag SimJulia v0.2.1
Sims Tag Sims v0.1.0
SliceSampler Move MCMC package to SliceSampler
Smile Tag Smile v0.1.3
SmoothingKernels Rename Stats to StatsBase
Sobol Tag Sobol v0.1.0
Sodium Added Sodium, a wrapper for libsodium
SortPerf Register SortPerf
SortingAlgorithms Tag SortingAlgorithms v0.0.4
Soundex Added Soundex module
Sparklines Register Sparklines: v0.1.0
SpecialMatrices Tag SpecialMatrices v0.1.3
StackedNets Renaming "v0.0.1" dir to "0.0.1".
Stan Update both Stan & Jags to v"0.2.0"
Stats Merge pull request #523 from JuliaLang/jmw/stats
StatsBase Tag StatsBase v0.6.14
StatsdClient Register StatsdClient: v0.0.1
StrPack Tag StrPack v0.0.1
StreamStats Add StreamStats v0.0.2
SuffixArrays Add SuffixArrays package
Sundials Tag Sundials v0.1.2
SunlightAPIs Tag SunlightAPIs v0.0.3
Switch Register Switch: v0.0.1
SymPy Tag SymPy v0.2.26
Synchrony Tag Synchrony v0.0.1
SystemImageBuilder Tag SystemImageBuilder v0.0.4
TOML Tag TOML v0.2.0
Taro Tag Taro v0.1.4
Tau Tag Tau v0.0.3
TaylorSeries Tag TaylorSeries v0.0.3
TensorOperations Tag TensorOperations v0.3.1
TerminalExtensions Changed my username loladiro -> Keno
Terminals Changed my username loladiro -> Keno
TestImages Tag TestImages v0.0.7
TexExtensions Tag TexExtensions v0.0.2
TextAnalysis Add TextAnalysis v0.0.1
TextPlots Tag TextPlots v0.3.0
TextWrap Tag TextWrap v0.1.3
ThermodynamicsTable Tag ThermodynamicsTable v0.0.2
ThingSpeak Tag ThingSpeak v0.0.2
Thrift Register Thrift: v.0.0.1
TikzGraphs Register TikzGraphs: v0.0.1
TikzPictures Tag TikzPictures v0.2.1
TimeData Tag TimeData v0.5.1
TimeModels Tag TimeModels v0.0.2
TimeSeries Tag TimeSeries v0.5.7
Timestamps Tag Timestamps v0.0.2
Tk Tag Tk v0.3.2
TopicModels Tag TopicModels v0.0.1
TrafficAssignment Tag TrafficAssignment v0.0.4
Trie Deprecate packages
Twitter Tag Twitter v0.2.0
TypeCheck Tag TypeCheck v0.0.3
UAParser Update JuliaWeb urls
URIParser Tag URIParser v0.0.5
URITemplate Update JuliaWeb urls
URLParse Update sha1 for URLParse
UTF16 bump UTF16
Units Tag Units v0.2.6
VML Tag VML v0.0.1
VStatistic Tag VStatistic v1.0.0
ValidatedNumerics Tag ValidatedNumerics v0.0.3
ValueDispatch add requires to ValueDispatch
Vega Add Vega
VennEuler Tag VennEuler v0.0.1
VideoIO Tag VideoIO v0.0.13
VoronoiDelaunay Update url
WAV Tag WAV v0.4.2
WORLD Tag WORLD v0.0.3
Watcher Tag Watcher v0.0.4
Wavelets Tag Wavelets v0.3.0
Weave Tag Weave v0.0.4
WebSockets Update JuliaWeb urls
WinRPM Tag WinRPM v0.1.6
Winston Tag Winston v0.11.9
WoodburyMatrices Tag WoodburyMatrices v0.0.1
WorldBankData Tag WorldBankData v0.0.4
XGBoost Register XGBoost: v0.0.1, v0.1.0
XSV Tag XSV v0.0.2
YAML Tag YAML v0.1.8
YT Tag YT v0.2.0
Yeppp Tag Yeppp v0.0.6
ZChop Tag ZChop v0.0.2
ZMQ Tag ZMQ v0.1.17
ZVSimulator Bump ZVSimulator
ZipFile Tag ZipFile v0.2.4
hwloc Register hwloc
kNN Bump kNN SHA1
.gitattributes Force LF line endings even on Windows
.gitignore Update
.travis.yml Run test on Julia nightly, not release replace incredibly outdated README, link to manual instead [fix #352]

This is the official METADATA repo for the Julia package manager. See manual section on packages for how to use the package manager to install and develop packages.

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