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Documentation for Plots.jl

Editing the Docs

To edit the documentation, simply edit the Markdown files in docs/src. Documenter.jl will automatically rebuild the documentation when changes are merged to master.

The new documentation files will be pushed to the gh-pages branch in this repository (useful for debugging the Plots.jl documentation build through CI).

When building new docs for a release (e.g. 1.Y.Z), don't forget to manually delete the previous patch version in gh-pages (1.Y.(Z - 1)), thus avoiding filling up the deployment quota of 10Gb imposed by github.

Building the docs

With proper dependencies installed, run the following on your local terminal:

$ CI=true julia --project=docs docs/make.jl

Setting the environment variable CI=true is optional, but the result will be closer to the remote docs building process.

To only build part of the documentation (faster dev), use the following envionment variables:

  • PLOTDOCS_BACKENDS='GR PyPlot' to select backends;
  • PLOTDOCS_EXAMPLES='1 22 60' to select gallery examples.

Contributing demos

The demos are valid julia scripts written with Literate markup syntax and managed by DemoCards.jl. The following steps shows a common workflow to add demos:

  1. create your julia script in any sub-folder in docs/user_gallery/. For instance, docs/user_gallery/misc/gr_lorenz_attractor.jl;
  2. configure the demo using DemoCards YAML frontmatter. You may also check how other demos are configured as a reference;
  3. write the demo in Julia with the Literate markup syntax;
  4. activate the docs environment and add PlotDocs.jl to the environment via import Pkg; Pkg.activate("docs");
  5. preview the demo using DemoCards.preview_demos feature. For instance, you can partially build one single file via preview_demos("docs/user_gallery/misc/gr_lorenz_attractor.jl"), or the entire section via preview_demos("docs/user_gallery/misc"), or even the entire page via preview_demos("docs/user_gallery").