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21cmvFAST (04/16/19)

A modified version of 21cmFAST (through 21CMMC) that includes the effect of the dark matter (DM)-baryon relative velocities. By Julian B Munoz, based on the original 21cmFAST + 21CMMC written by Bradley Greig and Andrei Mesinger. Check out their Gits at: and

The main purpose of this goal is to show that including DM-b relative velocities produces velocity-induced acoustic oscillations (VAOs) in the 21-cm power spectrum. Additionally, it allows 21cmFAST to properly account for molecular-cooling haloes, which are expected to drive star formation during cosmic dawn, as both relative velocities and Lyman-Werner feedback, suppress halo formation, which here we include. This yields accurate 21-cm predictions all the way to reionization (z>~10).

The usage is the same as standard 21CMMC, that is:

1- go to Programs to install (change the Makefile if needed) and make 2- create boxes of initial conditions: ./init 1. 1. which generates boxes (both delta and vcb) with the cosmology of WalkerCosmo_1... 3- evolve the boxes to the desired redshift Z (which saves the intermediate ones): ./create_dens_boxes_for_LC 1. 1. Z 4- Finally, run the 21cmFAST driver: ./drive_21cmMC_streamlined 1. 1. 0 0 0 Z and that will do it.

Feel free to go into Parameter_files/COSMOLOGY.H to vary the "OUTPUT_FOLDER" name, and the velocity/feedback parameters, and into Parameter_files/INIT_PARAMS.H to change the size and resolution of the boxes (remember to do ./init, etc. after changing any init settings). You can change "PRINT_COEVAL_21cmBoxes" within Parameter_files/Variables.H to save 21cm maps (in addition to power spectra).

In a nutshell, these are the main changes to 21cmFAST: -We update the base code by reading transfer functions from CLASS (included as External_tables/Transfers_z0.dat for LCDM cosmology), both for better precision than the analytic approximations used before, and to include velocities. -We generate a box of initial DM-b velocities, keeping the correlation with over/underdensities. -We use an interpolator for Fcoll and sigma_cool as a function of redshift, \delta, and vcb, which is calculated elsewhere for computational speed, and all that 21cmvFAST requires are the tables: External_tables/Fcollapse_table_F.dat External_tables/sigmacool_table_F.dat where F is an integer that describes the feedback strength. F=0 is no feedback, 1 is a very-low feedback model (unused), and 2-4 are (low,regular,high) as described in the paper. F=10 is atomic-cooling only. -We do not alter the ionization part, only the X-rays and Lyman-coupling.

There are more details about the implementation in Documentation/Modifications_to_21cmvFAST.txt

If you use this work please cite:

and please refer to the Gits of 21cmFAST,21cmmc (linked above), and 21cmvFAST:


Modified version of 21cmFAST including dark matter-baryon relative velocities.







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