Weather forecast that's high performance, open-source, collaborative, and accessible.
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Weather forecast that's high performance, open-source, collaborative, and accessible.

How can you contribute?

Contributions are appreciated more than you realize. Whether it’s coding, user interface design, graphic design, writing, or organizing, if you’re looking to help, there’s a task for you. You're welcome to add your own task, check-out this list for inspiration.

Found a bug?

File a bug report. Give context. Help others get quickly up to speed. If you’re running into an error, explain what you’re trying to do and how to reproduce it.

Have feedback or a suggestion?

Submit it here so we can prioritize it. If you’re suggesting a new idea, explain why you think it’d be useful to the project (not just to you!). You can expect a response from a maintainer within 7 days. If you haven’t heard anything by then, feel free to ping the thread.

Want to run your own version?

Check out the set-up documentation. If you get stuck, let us know so we can help!

You are free to use, view, modify, and distribute Weather-10kb free of charge as long as you include the license.

Support this project

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Support us with a monthly donation and help us continue our activities. [Become a backer]

Become a sponsor and get your logo on our README on Github with a link to your site. [Become a sponsor]