Contrail Controller
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Contrail Virtual Network Controller

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The Contrail Controller repository contains the code for the configuration management, analytics and control-plane components of the Contrail network virtualization solution.

The data-plane component (aka vrouter) is avaialable in a separate code repository (

The configuration management component is located under 'src/config'. It provides a REST API to an orchestration system and translates the system configuration as an IF-MAP database.

The configuration schema used by the contrail controller is defined under src/schema. A code generation tool is used to convert the schema into accessor methods used by the API clients (src/api-lib), the API server as well as the control-plane components.

The control-node daemon code is located under (src/{bgp,control-node,ifmap,xmpp}). It implements the operational state database and iteroperates with networking equipment as well as the compute-node agents. The protocol used between the control-node and the compute-node agents is documented as an IETF draft. This component contains the network reachability (a.k.a. routing) information in the system which is transient and can potentially have a higher rate of change than the configuration state.

The compute-node agent (src/vnsw) is a deamon than runs on every compute node and programs the data-plane in the host operating system.

Data gathered from all these components is collected into a logically centralized database (src/{analytics,opserver}).

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