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JustGiving API SDK

.NET Quickstart

If you want the C# SDK, you can install it from NuGet. Gallery link: Comes with Silverlight support.

PM> Install-Package justgiving-sdk


  var client = new JustGiving.Api.Sdk.JustGivingClient("APIKEY");
  var page = client.Page.Retrieve("pageShortName");

PHP Quickstart

Download the latest package from downloads (or git pull master). Reference JustGivingClient.php

$client = new JustGivingClient("", "your-api-key", 1, "", "password"); $page = $client->Page->Retrieve("pageShortName");

Urls to visit

SDKs to help developers code against the JustGiving APIs.

Some places to visit:

GitHub repository with open source SDKs

Sign up for an API account and create API keys

Documentation home page and usage information

Our little home page.

If you're trying to make donations using JustGiving

For some quick hack-tastic examples in a few languages

Config file for Postman that has collection of our http end points. 

Further Support

If your're having issues that the resources above don't help with, feel free to email us at

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