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JustGiving API SDK

SDKs to help developers code against the JustGiving APIs.

.NET Quickstart

If you want the C# SDK, you can install it from NuGet. Includes Silverlight support.

PM> Install-Package justgiving-sdk


var client = new JustGiving.Api.Sdk.JustGivingClient("APIKEY");
var page = client.Page.Retrieve("pageShortName");

The pageShortName is the page slug.

PHP Quickstart

Download the latest snapshot (or git pull master). Reference JustGivingClient.php

$client = new JustGivingClient("", "your-api-key", 1, "", "password");
$page = $client->Page->Retrieve("pageShortName");

Urls to visit

Some places to visit:

Further Support

If you're having issues that the resources above don't help with, feel free to email us at