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Filterscript to punish players in a different way!
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Filterscript to punish players in a different way!

Credits Reason
Icognito Streamer Plugin
Y_Less sscanf2
Y_Less & Kar foreach
Jeffry IsNumeric & ReturnPlayerID Function
Jelly23 Great Support + big help with the SQLite Support

Required Files

Available Command

  • /cpjail - Jail a player
  • /cpunjail - Unjail a player
  • /prisonlist - View a list of all jailed players



// 0 = Disable setting
// 1 = Enable  setting

#define PUNISH_DELAY    10      //  Time in seconds to re-punish a player AFTER he has been spawned (if he disconnected while being jailed)
#define MIN_CPS         5       //  Smallest possible Checkpoint - punishment amount (recommended)
#define MAX_CPS         99      //  Highest possible Checkpoint - punishment amount (recommended)
#define SAVE_WEAPONS    1       //  Enable/Disable saving & loading players weapons
#define DIFFERENT_WORLD 0       //  Enable/Disable spawning in different virtual worlds to prevent players to see each other
#define PRO_PUNISHMENT  0       //  Enable/Disable that the jailed player gets cuffed or not (enabled = EXTREMELY ANNOYING)
#define SHOW_RULES      1       //  Enable/Disable random server-rules appearing if a player enter a checkpoint

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