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Smart Preview for Pale Moon forum
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Smart Preview for Pale Moon forum

This add-on is designed for quick preview of forum content using a popup frame. When you hover over a field containing a link to a topic or a single post, the cursor icon changes, indicating that you can preview this item by clicking the left mouse button. A further click outside the preview area or pressing the Esc key will close it, and clicking on the small rectangle in the upper right corner will open the content in a new tab.

Topics with new messages automatically open on the first unread post, and when the preview closes, the corresponding thread will be marked as read. This can be especially useful in the "New posts", "Unread posts", "Active topics", "Notifications", "Private messages" and "Search" sections. Other internal forum links can be previewed by clicking the right mouse button while holding the control key.

Apart from the main features, the extension adds the list of online users and some extra links into the forum header.

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