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@load global-ext
module KnownHosts;
export {
# The hosts whose existence should be logged.
# Choices are: LocalHosts, RemoteHosts, AllHosts
const logging = LocalHosts &redef;
# In case you are interested in more than logging just local assets
# you can split the log file.
const split_log_file = F &redef;
# Maintain the list of known hosts for 24 hours so that the existence
# of each individual address is logged each day.
global known_hosts: set[addr] &create_expire=1day &synchronized &persistent;
event bro_init()
LOG::create_logs("known-hosts", logging, split_log_file, T);
# Removed the header since it's fairly useless in this log.
#LOG::define_header("known-hosts", cat_sep("\t", "", "host"));
event connection_established(c: connection)
local id = c$id;
local log:file;
if ( id$orig_h !in known_hosts && addr_matches_hosts(id$orig_h, logging) )
log = LOG::get_file_by_addr("known-hosts", id$orig_h, F);
add known_hosts[id$orig_h];
print log, cat_sep("\t", "", id$orig_h);
if ( id$resp_h !in known_hosts && addr_matches_hosts(id$resp_h, logging) )
log = LOG::get_file_by_addr("known-hosts", id$resp_h, F);
add known_hosts[id$resp_h];
print log, cat_sep("\t", "", id$resp_h);
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