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My solutions to the advent of code
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Advent of code 2019

I suggest you first take a look at the website yourself.

I am probably going to solve all assignments in Haskell.

This repo is not meant for cheating, but if you want to compare your own answers to mine or if you're interested in how a Haskell solution might look.

The programs here are stack scripts. If you have the tool stack installed you should be able to just execute the source files directly on the shell with src/DayX.hs.

I do not commit the inputs to the program, you have to look at the exercises on the website yourself. For the programs that read them I usually put them in a input/dayX.txt file and that's the location expected by the programs.

Related stuff

If you want to see more adventurous Haskell, Cris Penner is doing the advent of code in Haskell using only lenses.

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