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Haskell implementation of mustache templates.

Implements the official specs version 1.1.3


The old Haskell implementation of mustache templates hastache seemed pretty abandoned to me. This implementation aims to be much easier to use and (fingers crossed) better maintained.

Since it is so easy to use and requires but a few files of code, I've also written a small executable that compiles and renders mustache templates with data input from json or yaml files.



Please refer to the documentation on hackage.

Executable haskell-mustache

$ haskell-mustache --help
Simple mustache template substitution


Common flags:
  -t --templatedirs[=DIRECTORY]  The directory in which to search for the
  -? --help                      Display help message
  -V --version                   Print version information

Current implementation substitutes the TEMPLATE once with each DATA-FILE


$ haskell-mustache my-template-file data-file-1.json data-file-2.json data-file-3.json


  • String parser for mustache templates
  • Template substitution
  • Standalone executable
  • Support for 'set delimiter'
  • More efficiency using Text rather than String
  • More efficient Text parsing
  • Test coverage provided via the official specs
  • Haddock documentation
  • More instances for ToMustache typeclass