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Summaries of No Agenda podcasts, and formatting tools for them

This project is "competing" with two other related-but-different projects: No Agenda Player and the resurrection of Read No Agenda at Fanscribed. Both are excellent projects, and I hope to contribute to the latter. In fact, I considered doing my own series of transcripts as a way of exploring the history of No Agenda. But then I tried to do it, and found out that's real work!

This project aims to be a resource that primarily answers the question: "When did John and Adam play that great clip about [insert topic here]?"

I will attempt to keep these current with new shows, and eventually to do summaries back to the first one. Suggestions and corrections will of course be welcomed.


I hereby place the source code, data, and all derivatives in the public domain.


I play by a few loose rules, and am not particularly dogmatic about enforcing them. They are:

  1. The one I am fairly strict on is to keep my voice out of the text. If I can't resist a humorous comment, or correction, it will be in parentheses.
  • This has the odd side-effect that these are not really "summaries", because I feel it's up to the reader to listen to Adam & John and draw conclusions based on what they're saying. I'm not really here to give you the punch line, I'm here to tickle your memory. Corollary: this is not a substitute for The Real Thing.
  1. I try to keep one timestamp per broad topic, but when there is a long-running discussion, or a clip of significance, I may give that a second timestamp.
  2. Anything I quote Adam or John on, gets the ACC: or JCD: prefixes, respectively.
  3. I try to separate related but distinct sections with a semicolon, within a timestamp section.
  4. Compilation and interview shows will tend to show only macroscopic structure.
  5. I try to keep these to exactly one page in general, with exceptions for oddball outliers, extremely information- and/or comedy-dense material (2016 election mayhem, for example) and the oldest shows.


As of Spring 2017 I am working from Show 1 to Show 424 in parallel with current material, so the schedule will be even dodgier than alluded to below.

Also, I now have a laptop I intend to use for keeping up when on vacation. I kind of enjoyed the pen-and-paper routine -- it has been kind of a tradition -- but the new laptop should make things a lot more efficient and I will not have the January summary pileup to upload as in previous years

I try to finish the Thursday show over the weekend and get it online Monday. Typically the Sunday show goes up Wednesday. (I do my first listen of new shows for enjoyment and to get the structure in mind, so I almost never start summarizing new shows the first time round.) I frequently deviate from this schedule, however.

When I am on vacation (May, September, Thanksgiving, Christmas) I do pen-and paper summaries, so it may seem that I have fallen behind. Not so! I just don't have devices available that make that kind of keyboard entry straightforward.

Will This Work Ever be Available in Hardcopy?

I intend to self-publish this eventually, after the early shows are finished and I have a straight run of Shows 1-1000 (and beyond).

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Summaries of No Agenda podcasts, and formatting tools for them



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