MinerControl 1.6.3 (KBomba Mod)

@KBomba KBomba released this Feb 14, 2015 · 60 commits to master since this release

Changes since last release 1.6.1 by StuffOfInterest:

  • Doubleclick a pool to ban it, until doubleclicked again or restart of Miner Control
  • Added "dynamicswitching" under general settings that changes the set "switchtime" according to the price difference between currently running pool and the best one:
Dynamic switchtime = ("switchtime" / ((best entry price / currently running price) ^ "dynamicswitchpower")) + "dynamicswitchingoffset"
Where "dynamicswitchingoffset" defaults to:  "switchtime" - ("switchtime" * (1/"dynamicswitchingpivot") ^ "dynamicswitchpower)).

Set "dynamicswitching":true. "dynamicswitchingoffset" and "dynamicswitchingpivot" can be set too, where the offset value has priority over pivot value.

  • Added "balancemode" under YAAMP. Value 0 defaults to previous behavior, showing total unpaid in the balance screen for YAAMP. Other values here: 35822ae#diff-11d5cbdac379777f1ee1deca1a1c51a5L98
  • Now adds 1.5% to the YAAMP fee when converting to BTC, as is their fee actually.
  • Added "priority" and "affinity" under "algorithms" which will set the miners process priority and affinity.
  • Added "minprofit" under general and each service. Setting it to 1.05 means the miner will stay pending until the best has climbed over its minprofit (105%) in comparison to currently running.
  • Added Reload button in the Action box. This will reload all the settings and resume the task it was doing. Handy if you made changes to your .conf and want to reload without closing and opening Miner Control.
  • Loads MinerControl2.conf if it's the 2nd MinerControl instance (if it exists at all), MinerControl3.conf for 3th instance, etc...

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